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Some plastics do leach toxins into the food/water contained in them as they degrade.

The trick is to keep them away from high heat, UV Light, and Ozone.

BURNING PLASTICS creates tons more PCB's and Dioxin than you can image or ever get in a lifetime of eating/drinking anything from plastic containers!

And I'm sure none of you think twice about burning your plastic trash, or sending it off to the incinerator or landfill that burns it in open pits!

Around here, what doesn't go to the recyclers gets reused as plant starter containers, ect., or smashed down and used as base for driveways or insulation under concrete pours.

696 Posts
Pretty scary stuff!
i'll be buying glass baby bottles for the grandbabies. Even babyfood is in plastic these days! I'll be making that for them too and freezing it in glass canning jars.
Most 'Hard' plastics don't leach.
Most 'hard' plastics are completely clear...
Like the 'Hard' plastic that sliced 'Deli' meats come in with the top that pops back into place.

Clear is usually OK, not like milk jugs...

Soft plastic stuff, like milk jugs, often does leach pcb & pvc, but the product isn't supposed to be in the jug more than a couple of weeks, and that is a LONG way from long term storage...

But then came the water companies that use the 'Leaching' kinds of plastics for long term water storage!

Don't LONG TERM store in tinted, colored, 'Opaque' or 'Soft' plastics,
(milk jugs, butter/margarine containers, 'Cool Whip' containers, ect.)

Polyester bottles, like water/soda bottles are OK,

And don't store anything ACIDIC, like tomato juice, in plastic anything!
The acids will accelerate the leaching process several hundred times.

Also, avoid bottles, plastics, even glass and cook & dinner wear from CHINA.

When we did the lead swabs on the 'China' bowels and plates we have been using for years, the testing gadgets came up with color almost immediately!
The lead content, even after several YEARS of use was still so high the tester reacted immediately!

Acidic Foods stored even over a weekend in a leaded bowl will leach the lead out!

I wish I could find it again,
I just saw an article on which plastics didn't leech and which did,
And how you can tell the difference between the recycle code numbers on the bottom of the containers...
Perdue University just released it about 6 months ago...

When I find it again I'll post the link to the article.
VERY interesting since they post a very easy way to tell the difference in the plastics!
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