Cheaper-Than-Dirt-SPANISH! :(

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  1. horseman09

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    Jes%**###$$. I just got an email fro Cheap-Than-Dirt telling me that California's AB-962 is unconstitutional............IN SPANISH! :mad::mad::mad:

    Note to Cheaper-Than-Dirt: THIS IS AMERICA, *******S!!!:mad::mad::mad:

    Ahem. Sorry to my forum friends for my shouting and rudeness but, for cryin' out loud, how dare they talk about American Constitutional issues in Spanish!:mad:

    And then they have the balls to try to sell me ammo. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. Bigdog57

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    "Broadening their customer base", methinks. Good business practice, actually - though we gringos don't necessarily like it. ;)

  3. ComputerGuy

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    Mine arrived in English. Might want to check your settings at the site
  4. unclebob

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    No your in Kalifornistan.
  5. BasecampUSA

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    Yes this is America, it was settled by a whole slew of people from all over the world that stole it from the Native Americans. So, unless one is 51% "Indian", I don't think there's a lot of room to talk.

    No one forced anyone to open the ad or read it. I found the article in Spanish and it applauds the NRA, CPRA and the 2nd amendment for the victory over California's unconstitutional law in Spanish. As I recall, California was once Spanish speaking, as was Texas. Some people are proud of thier heritage and like to preserve it, even with language. That is thier constitutional right. You see the Irish parades on St. Patty's day, Celtic celebrations among the Scots, Oktoberfests with the Germans, and many others.

    America is a big melting pot. Our mandated "legal" language is English and will stay English, don't worry. That doesn't mean that I, or anyone else are required to speak it all the time. Also, America is free and allows free speech for all, it did not specify what language.

    I speak 4 different languages fluently, English, German, Spanish and French, and I'm not offended by it a bit.

    ...And I certainly hope this thread doesn't start sliding into ethnic slurs.
  6. HozayBuck

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    Just had to do it!

    Το δικαίωμα των ανθρώπων να κρατήσουν και να αντέξουν το βραχίονα δεν θα παραβιαστεί.

    Cool!! .

    The right of the people to keep and bear arm shall not be infringed...

    may be Greek to me but the meaning is still the same :D:D
  7. The_Blob

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    Many people are surprised to learn that the United States has no official language. As one of the major centers of commerce and trade, and a major English-speaking country, many assume that English is the country's official language. But despite efforts over the years, the United States has NO official "legal" language, the individual states are a seperate matter. The following states have existing official language laws on their books: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois (formerly 'American', now English), Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming. A small handful date back more than a few decades, such as Louisiana (1811) and Nebraska (1920), but most official language statutes were passed since the 1970's.

    Almost every session of Congress, an amendment to the Constitution is proposed in Congress to adopt English as the official language of the United States. Other efforts have attempted to take the easier route of changing the U.S. Code to make English the official language. The efforts have thus far not been successful.

    While there are cogent arguments for and against having a single official language. A cogent argument for having only one official language instead of two: Canada. A cogent argument against having only one official language: France.

    Of course, those could also be taken together as an argument against French, I suppose... :rolleyes: :lolsmash:

    Ultimately, though, language is a core part of a culture. Canada has two official languages because it is one nation with two distinct cultures that are unwilling to integrate. They want to preserve their differences. Quebec also tries to split away from Canada periodically, and I'm not at all sure that'd be such a bad idea.

    America doesn't have an official language, at all, because it's a polyglot culture. A 'melting pot,' and an official language doesn't mesh well with that. While we have one language that's long been the most prevalent - 'english' - it is, itself, a highly syncretic language that easily adopts words from others.

    While it might make sense to make english the official language of the country, it wouldn't make sense to tightly define 'english' the way, say, France tightly defines it's official language. American English is a dynamic, growing, syncretic language and it might be a mistake to legislate that away.

    Of course, our many parts of our culture are becoming less dynamic and syncretic, and more divided and dysfunctional, so having multiple official languages to match the multiple cultures and deepen and enshrine divisions within the country might be consistent. A very bad idea, of course, since deep, permanent internal divisions are hardly desirable.
  8. BasecampUSA

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    Heh... that might change pretty soon if the Chinese decide to cash in all their "chips"


  9. IrritatedWithUS

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    I think about that often...Rosetta Stone Chinese here I come....