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Gas loses octane very quicky, so storing it long term is not advisable.

Additive like Stabil help, but if you are adding $5 worth of additives to keep 10 gallons of gas, you are adding 50 cents a gallon to the cost
That may be true, but in my mind at least, the reason to store gas is not to lock in today's price... it is to have access to the commodity during times of outage. So yes, one pays a premium to have a pile of fuel stored, but one doesn't need the local station to be selling in order to get to work, resources, bug out, etc.

For example, if I had a 500 gal tank, I could ride my motorcycle for a year to work and back on that fuel alone. If I loaded it up in the van, I can get from D.C. to my parent's house in Oregon, and back, without ever stopping. Of course I'd need a trailer for that, so it would eat into my mileage... but you get the point.
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