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    The Constitution says that representation in Congress has to be based on population that is determined by a census that is conducted at least once every 10 years.

    But what about having a census more often? Population trends in recent decades have been from the liberal north to the conservative south. Thus southern states have been gaining more and more control over Congress and more and more influence in presidential elections because of the electoral college.

    I don’t accept the fact that population shifts guarantee more power for conservatives. A liberal Yankee voter isn’t going to become a conservative just because he moved South. States in the South, namely Florida, that used to be conservative are now swing states.

    But if it were true that giving southern states means more conservatives in Congress (assuming for the sake of discussion that Republicans are legitimately conservative and not libertarian), should the Republicans, the next time they control the White House and both Houses of Congress, pass a law to change the schedule for the census- say every 5 years or every 2 years? The way it stands now if a state gains seats in Congress after a census it has to wait 2 years to actually get them, and states that lose seats in Congress get to keep them an extra 2 years.
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    I wouldn't entertain this idea at this time for 2 reasons:
    1. The census is a big expense to conduct, and the federal government doesn't have the $ (even though that didn't stop them last year).
    2. The census goes well beyond the constitutional mandate to count the population for the sake of accurate representation. Today's census is a huge infringement on a person's privacy.

    Additionally, while I don't think Democrat representation is good for our personal liberties (and our economy, and the constitution, and so on), I don't necessarily believe that Republican representation is a guarantee of any improvement. For an improvement the Republican would need to be a constitutionalist. And have a backbone. I'm not seeing much of that, so I wouldn't want to take on the negatives of having a more frequent census, when there's no probability of any positives.

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    There should be 1 question on the census.
    Number of legal US residents living at this address.
    It should be done every 10 years.
    Nothing more nothing less.
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    motion seconded
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    Thirded if thats even a word.
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    Like everything else the government does, the census has grown beyond it's purpose and is now an intrusion on us.

    Myself, I make them call me and then only provide the barest minimum of information before ending the call.

    Starve the beast!
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    I answered two questions...2 reside at this address, ages 60 and 62....

    a man came to my house and I told him I was on my way to run errands..GH and I got in the car, had lunch, shopped, yard sales...he was still there when we returned...I signed a paper saying I had the right to not answer the survey..they must be paid on the surveys turned in surely...why would anyone sit in a parked car across the street that long???:nuts:
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    All I put on the census form was a 3.
    Nobody called or came to the house.
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    With us in the middle of a move and all (during census time), I'm sure we got lost in the shuffle... yeah, that's it. ;)
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    I was a good girl and filled out my census and sent it back. Then they started sending people to my house and calling 5 times a day. We had been selected to fill out a more intensive questionnaire so they could get a better picture of the housing/economic area we live in. We avoided them like the plaque! They kept insisting that we were required to participate, I pulled out my copy of the Constitution and told them I was only required to be counted, nothing else. They finally stopped calling!!!
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    I answered ONE question - "How many residents". A lady came out later and began asking questions. I answered that one question again and no other. Though when she asked my address I did point to the mailbox with it's prominent number. :rolleyes:
    She asked if I would answer any more questions - I said "No, according to the US Constitution I am NOT required!"
    She said, "You are right." And I haven't heard or seen them since. :cool:

    Nice lady, I am sure she had gotten similar resuts from other locals.

    I figure all the info they are asking for is easily available through various other sources. But, I like to make 'em dig for it. ;)