Census Strongarm

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  1. UncleJoe

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    It's going to cost you to keep your privacy.

    This “mission creep” for the Census thus pushes up against a level of discomfort no amount of advertising dollars can likely assuage. Many will no doubt choose to follow former Senate majority leader Trent Lott’s advice to skip any Census questions they feel violates their privacy—which may well include any exceeding the Constitution’s mandate for an “actual Enumeration.” Unfortunately, choosing privacy now costs more: legislation recently passed raises the fine for “anyone over 18 years old who refuses or willfully neglects to complete the questionnaire or answer questions posed by census takers” from a limit of $100 to $5,000—a fact not advertised even in the small print.

    Census Data Not So Confidential After All: Newsroom: The Independent Institute
  2. bunkerbob

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    Talking about waste of time, money and resources, I received a notice in the mail letting me know that the census info will be mailed shortly, I'm surpised that they didn't send a notice telling me that the notice for the mailing of the census is coming shortly.

  3. UncleJoe

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    I got the same thing yesterday.
    Yeah, let's borrow more money from China to send a worthless piece of paper telling us another piece of paper is forthcoming. :confused: Oh, I know, the census bureau is just doing their part to keep the postal system afloat. :rolleyes:
  4. NORTH

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    innocuous projects like"Government programs and solutions to our problems".
    And if the gov decides ANY group or individual is a problem...
    And if you DONT complete this census then you can be fined up to 5000$ ??!!
    WTF Sure looks like the black trucks will be rollin down the steet soon collecting and confining "solutions to our problems"! WE WANT YOU TO TELL US EVERYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF, IF YOU DONT WE'LL FINE YOU. AND WE CAN USE YOUR INFORMATION ANY WAY WE WANT!! Me no like it.
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsDhkPym01k&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - The Census Is Getting Personal[/ame]
  6. HarleyRider

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    Just write down bogus information... misleading info (not quite the truth).
  7. bunkerbob

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    Just received another notice to see if I had filled out the censeless yet and sent it back. :rolleyes:
    Jeeze how much more paper and time are they going to waste.:mad:
    Just heard that the computerized hand-held devices that cost about $600 mil had problems and would be scraped and not used. Anybody else hear about this.:dunno:
  8. Woody

    Woody Woodchuck

    :cry: I sent mine back over a week ago and have not received another note asking if I had sent it in. Mr. Obama does not love me. :cry:

    I use a trick I used to use before the internet to see what comes of the data I give them. For this particular situation I used a different middle initial, a W instead of an M. Innocent enough tpyo to save me $5k I think. In the past when I filled out applications or anything I would use a different first name. I could then watch the mail and see who bought that list and is sending me snail mail with that bogus name. For fun I used to use my dog's name, 'Sweetheart', and watch the junk mail flow in with her name on it! :D
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  9. mosquitomountainman

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    That's what we plan on doing.

    We use different variations of our name and sometimes completely false names when we subscribe to magazines, enter drawings, etc. I remember one publication who said they never give out names of their subscribers which may have been true but when my subscription ran out I began getting lots of junk mail with the same fictitious name I'd used on that magazine. When I mailed a letter to them about it I never got a reply. (Imagine that!)

    Another favorite of junk mailers is the "enter to win the prize" scam.

    When I get unsolicited mail seeking donations I fill their postage paid return envelope with the heaviest materials I can stuff into it and mail it back to them. I got one from the Sierra Club with a plea to save the endangered species act (especially the poor little wolves). I sent it back full of slag from bullet casting with a nice letter explaining it was the slag from casting lead bullets for shooting wolves. Of course I forgot to put my return address on the envelope.
  10. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    I thought that the actual info they asked for was pretty benign. I was kind of surprised at how basic the questions were. However, we also got the note saying that the cencus would be coming shortly. Ours happened to come about a week AFTER our census form, which DW filled out and I looked over before we returned it just to satisfy my own curiosity. I didn't think anything was really that intrusive. My race? Big deal. I rent my house. I have no problem with the world knowing that. My family lives here with nobody in jail or college. I don't know...other than the colossal waste of resources, the whole census thing seemed kind of anticlimactic to me.
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  11. Bigdog57

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    Sent my Senseless Form in last week, with only Question #1 answered - how many people living here..... "One".

    The rest is on a "need to know" basis, and they do NOT need to know.

    Got my 'tickler card' today. I expect to get a Drone on my doorstep sometime in April.
  12. HarleyRider

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    Maybe you should have said "None - I'm only the handyman":rolleyes:.
  13. papecore

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    I entered number living in the house and #9.. But checked "other race" and wrote in "AMERICAN". Can't wait for my visit.
  14. Norse

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    Census Monetary Waste..

    What is the point of taking a census when there are 30 million Wet Backs living here illegally?

    Funny thing is, Last Census I told the bozo that showed up at my door" I tell you what dickhead, If you go down 2 blocks and get the Wet Backs who live 3 families, In a house zoned for single family, a single family home, to fill out their census, bring it back here and let me see that they filled theirs out, I will fill out mine.

    Until then, get off my property, you are trespassing.

    They have not enacted penalties against non compliance for census taking since 1970.

    What a waste of Tax Dollars. If you get 30-40 million beaners out of the country, you would not need to figure out how to distribute "Tax Dollars".