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I have been told that in the future our government will be able to use these towers to turn off the computer in your car thus rendering it inopperable. What a way to be stopped!, but of course the highways will be safer! Is there any truth to this happening?:eek:
That's just BS in the line of Black Helicopters, Aliens, Zombies and govt sponsored Plagues. Those theories just give us Preppers a bad name.

The govt needs our taxes paid on Gasoline and new cars too much to "zap" our cars out of existence. What are they going to do, give us each a rebate check good for a horse or donkey?

C'mon, let's be serious.

Prepping is both a regional and national focus for serious minded individuals.

There are issues our govt is unprepared to manage (see Katrina, flu epidemics, crop loss, hunger, drought, homelessness, unemployment and shrinkage of the economy, etc).

I know conspiracy theories are welcome here, but let's be realistic and thoughtful.

Now if you said cell phone towers were going to take our gun rights away, you'd have me believing......
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