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Discussion in 'Communications' started by Visor, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Visor

    Visor Guest

    Are portable cell phone jammers illegal? This guy was using one as a prank on people the other day.
  2. solaceofwinter

    solaceofwinter Guest

    how did he do it?
    what was the device? i work for a cell phn company. lol

  3. awall

    awall New Member

    There are several business that use cell phone jammers so they can't be used in their place of business. Mostly used by theaters.
  4. Ridgerunner

    Ridgerunner Amateur Radio call sign KM4GDU

    From the FCC

    Blocking & Jamming

    The operation of transmitters designed to jam or block wireless communications is a violation of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended ("Act"). See 47 U.S.C. Sections 301, 302a, 333. The Act prohibits any person from willfully or maliciously interfering with the radio communications of any station licensed or authorized under the Act or operated by the U.S. government. 47 U.S.C. Section 333. The manufacture, importation, sale or offer for sale, including advertising, of devices designed to block or jam wireless transmissions is prohibited. 47 U.S.C. Section 302a(b). Parties in violation of these provisions may be subject to the penalties set out in 47 U.S.C. Sections 501-510. Fines for a first offense can range as high as $11,000 for each violation or imprisonment for up to one year, and the device used may also be seized and forfeited to the U.S. government.
  5. Firefly

    Firefly New Member

    They're VERY illegal but I wouldn't mind having one for those loud mouths that insist talking on their cell on the bus.
  6. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    If there is a cell-jammer available, I would be interested in having one installed in my vehicle. When I am driving, I do not want to be "bothered" by people calling me. If there was a jammer tied to my ignition (turns on when the vehicle is running) that could stop calls from coming through, it would be great. The bonus would be if the range was sufficient to jam other people's signals within 50 meters of my vehicle while I am driving.
  7. northernontario

    northernontario Well-Known Member

    Jeeze... just turn your phone off... or set it to vibrate.
  8. Expeditioner

    Expeditioner Well-Known Member

    Here is a link that explains how the operate. They are legal for certain entities but the general public is not one of those entities. The rule of law must be honored.

    HowStuffWorks "How Cell Phone Jammers Work"
  9. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    I know a person who ordered one of these off the internet somehow. It looked like a radio and you could push a button on it to jam the cell signal. I don't know what the range was or the price or where he got it however. I even asked him if it was illegal but I can't remember what he said...
  10. esecuritytec

    esecuritytec Guest


    E-Security Technology Co.,Ltd. was established by Zhejiang Government in 2000, focusing on the development and marketing of Security and telecom products Now E-Security is the foremost innovator in the field of RFjamming, In countering the ever growing threat of remotely controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs), E-Security has invested heavily in the development of a range of State-of-the-art, multi band, very high power jamming systems ,Vehicular Jamming system,Multi band Jamming system,Indoor and Outdoor Jammers(Cellphone Jammers,Gps Jammers,Wireless camera jammers
  11. cattlefarmer

    cattlefarmer Guest

    I thought that movie theaters used a wire mesh like a ferides (spelling) cage.
  12. Irene7999

    Irene7999 New Member

    portable cell phone jammer is illegal in the U.S. Very illegal. And not just by ordinary citizens. It's illegal for theater and restaurant owners to jam (block) calls, and even state and local police or prison officials. The U.S., in fact, has the strictest laws in the world against jamming cell calls.

    U.S. law prohibits not only buying, selling, carrying or owning a cell phone jammer, but also posting a Craigslist ad that claims you're selling one. If you're caught with a jammer, you could face up to $11,000 in fines and up to one year in prison.

    (illegal site)laws vary throughout the world. In the U.K. and Japan, for example, anyone can own a jammer -- as long as they don't use it.

    Dozens of countries, including Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and others, allow the police or prison officials to use jammers.

    Chinese and Indian schools use jammers to stop cheaters. Mexico allows jammers in churches and hospitals. And Pakistan allows jamming in banks and libraries.
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  13. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    You can buy jammers from the UK with little or no trouble.

    They are becoming quite popular with truck drivers in this country.
    When wired correctly, they operate when the truck is moving and disengage when the truck is parked making them practically impossible to track down.

    They stop all the stupid stuff car drivers do around them while talking on the phone or texting while they are in the vicinity of the truck.
    It's simply forcing drivers to pay attention to the road and big trucks instead of texting and doing stupid things in traffic.

    With a range of about 300 yards, sometimes more, this is a very good thing for big truck drivers trying to get through city traffic.

    The down side is they aren't selective.
    They will cut off a 911 call about a accident or heart attack just as well as they cut off some idiot texting their horoscope or trying to hook up on a porno site when they are supposed to be driving.

    Although jammers are illegal, many buildings are being built with 'Measures' in mind to imped or completely stop signal.
    Movie theaters are a prime example.
    Grounded metal shielding around the theaters often PASSIVELY block signal, without 'Actively' jamming it.
    Those are still legal.

    As I understand, there are some restaurants doing the same thing recently.
    I've seen the plans on line from architects with designs for limiting 'Electro-Magnetic' radiation.

    Virtually every large computer room has shielding from EM radiation right now.

    Since cell phones are nothing but electro-magnetic radiation, it leads one to believe they are trying to limit the interference of EM fields into their buildings. You can divine the rest.
    Since you are allowed to control ANY aspect of intrusion into your environment LEGALLY, blocking signal isn't the same as Jamming, and it's still legal.

    In the military, we had 'Blue Rooms' where you couldn't send or receive signal of any kind that wasn't hard wired through controlled conditions.

    Mostly used for briefings on classified projects, it's my understanding that the walls were laced with wire mesh that was charged so it interrupted analog signals, and I assume in the digital age they have allowed for the digital technology.

    And I know first hand we had signal jammers that worked in nearly all analog and digital signals.
    We used them to disrupt wireless IED communication so it couldn't be remotely detonated while we were trying to dispose of it.

    Since all signals were being jammed, we had to use WIRED communications while we were working,
    And the signal disruption was so strong that it sometimes leaked into our communications and hard wired circuits like Cable TV, local closed circuit security cameras, hard wired telephone service, ect.

    Now, if you don't like that, think about it this way,
    You can do without 'Ophra' for two hours while the bomb squad or EOD takes care of some IED and saves someone's (maybe yours!) life!

    So, maybe the 'Tin Foil Hat' bunch had it right all along! :scratch
  14. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    Cuttin off the emergency calls is why there illegal. I wouldn't wanna be a truck driver passin a DOT officer on his phone when it cuts off his signal. Bet there be lots of high dollar explainin ta do.
  15. ilvla

    ilvla New Member

    For someone, jammer is only for prank, :D, as a toy

    you can have a look at this, it is a real jammer in a disguised of a pack of cigarettes.
    As open the box, push the black button and gaze around innocently as your neighbours start fuming at their dead mobile phones,you could have so much fun with that one ... watch them trying to reconnect ... reconnect ... then go into panic and withdrawals when the telephonic beast refused to respond!!
  16. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    That's a pretty small jammer, the ones I've seen are about the size of two VCR tapes stacked on top of each other and have a couple of short antennas sticking out of them.

    I'm pretty well amazed the reach of those Jammers and if located correctly on the truck, they work quite well without causing undue problems to idiot drivers that blab on the phone endlessly...

    When located on top the cab, behind the fiberglass wind guard or up in the fiberglass riser for the 'Sleeper', The signal is projected forward and out to the sides.
    The trailer usually blocks the signal, so anyone to the rear of the truck has signal, but the morons immediately to the sides and forward of the vehicle don't have service.

    The theory is, if they can cut you off, crash into your sides, or jam the brakes or do something else stupid in front of you that will effect your immediate traffic lane, then they are cut off and *MIGHT* accidentally pay attention to the road and the traffic for a change...

    I haven't heard of any studies, and I don't know there will ever be any studies, but the premise is sound enough, no worse than expecting someone to use turns signals or NOT watch TV/Movies while driving...
    And the DOT and Feds have proven you have to be TWICE as drunk as the legal limit (0.08%) to be as dangerous as you are talking on a cell phone.
    All similar studies in Europe and Canada have returned the same results!

    'Distracted Driving', including eating, drinking, talking on phone will all get you ticketed or arrested in England and some other European countries!

    I do know that we have had great signal, then the signal is lost all at once, but comes on a few minutes later when we are parked around truck stops with the company display rig...
    We were actually parked across the street from the cell tower one time and lost signal, and that's about the only times we have 'Issues'...

    Since the trucks equipped have 'Parking Brake' switches hooked up, when the parking brake is on, the jammer shuts down, that would make sense,
    No signal until the jammer equipped vehicle gets into range and it shuts down when he parks and uses the parking brake.

    I've seen about half a dozen vehicles equipped with what was described as a 'Jammer' and when brake were charged, my cell phone lost signal/service.
    I assume the driver actually had something, and it wasn't just a coincidence every time he charged his brakes and flipped the switch the cell phone quit...
    Would be a pretty good trick if he knew when cell service was going to drop out! Pretty good party trick indeed!

    With the way idiots drive when on phones, texting, ect., I don't think it's really a bad idea!
    I've been in those trucks, I've seen what people do to them!
    I can't imagine being a truck driver and NOT having a heart or nervous condition!

    Personally, I think they should have 'Anti-Cadillac missiles on those trucks,
    Do something dangerously stupid, and a missile shoots out and frys your fuel injection system so you aren't on the road trying to kill people anymore!
    If we can fly missiles into chosen windows in Baghdad from 6,000 miles away, there should be some way to take out the electrical system in some teenagers Honda or blue head's Cadillac when they try and kill people in traffic!

    At the company, we've installed cameras in the vehicles, just like the ones used by police as evidence to PROVE that when our people have accidents, it's someone else's fault!
    Keeps our drivers honest and from doing something stupid at the same time!
    They are PERFECTLY aware those cameras are up there on the windshield and on the mirrors, so they keep it honest!

    Three wrecks, all three times we were exonerated in court...
    Even when the lawyer drove his Jaguar into the side of our truck coming off an on ramp and swung over one lane too many!

    Not a bad deal if you ask me, cameras, jammers, ect. for commercial vehicles.
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  17. nj_m715

    nj_m715 www.veggear.blogspot.com

    Any thing can be jammed. In a nut shell your jammer sends out a stronger signal on the same freq. as the device you want to jam. A very simple way to explain It would be to honk a horn while someone was trying to talk. Our last set of cordless phones whould jam our wireless internet. guess the frequencies where close enough. I changed to a phone with a higher freq and it solved the problem. The microwave can cause problems too.
    Now getting one of those devices that makes all the lights turn green would be a handy thing to have. EMS uses them in some cities.
  18. 101airborne

    101airborne Well-Known Member

    There is such an item actually all cell phones come equiped with them however most people are un aware of that function............. It's called the OFF button :sssh:
  19. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    It would be nice if that was true, but, there are phones now that have embedded batteries and no off button. You see them everyday as you are driving, walking, shopping, etc. It is the iPhone. The iPhone is designed more like a remote-control - always on and always trying to communicate with cell-towers.
  20. backlash

    backlash Well-Known Member

    I have 2 iPhones and they both have off buttons.
    Never seen a phone you couldn't turn off.
    All cell phones are constantly trying to contact a cell tower whenever it is on.
    If they didn't you couldn't move while you talked.
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