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Here, in no particular order are a few that I remember:

Police – Bears, Local Yokels, County Mounties, Local Constabulary

“Taking Pictures” – police using radar
“Bear in the air” – police helicopter
“Beaver” – female
“Buffalo” – male
“Lot Lizards” – prostitutes at truck stops
“Portable Parking Lot” - truck carrying autos
“Pregnant Rollerskate” – Volkswagon
“Super Slab” – interstate
“Malfunction Junction” – (possibly local usage) – a bad interchange
“ (insert group being insulted) Funeral Wagon” – garbage truck
10-4 – ok
10-9 – what?
10-10 – I’m listening
10-10- & Listening in – I’m monitoring the channel
10-11 – no
10-33 – emergency
10-36 – time of day
10-200 – going to bathroom
“wall to wall & tree top tall” – you have a good signal
“white line fever” – someone being hypnotized by continuous driving
“Willy The Weaver” – a driver weaving all over the road
“Suicide Jockey” – a trucker hauling dangerous cargo – i.e. dynamite
“Bobtail” – truck with no trailer
“Dead Head” – truck with no cargo
“Swindle Sheets” – a truckers required ICC logbook
“Come On” – go ahead
“QRT and on the side” – I'm listening – (note the reverse meaning of QRT, which among hams means signing off)
“Keep her between the ditches, keep the shiney side up & the dirty side down & I'll catch you on the flip flop”. – drive carefully until we meet again.

Hope that helps.

Every ham operator or person interested in Eergency Communications should have a CB or FRS radio. They are cheap & had heavy usage during Katrina.

And, this is from a fellow that has been a ham 30 years & is heavily involved in emergency communications.

CB gets a bad name for all the shenanigans one hears on Channel 19. More times than not on other channels I hear people talking about like I hear on the local repeaters here. If you are near a city,the behavior is much worse, if in a rural area, not bad at all. And during an emergency there is more emphasis on surviving the emergency than "slinging lingo" to each other.

It's said that "when all else fails there's Amateur Radio". And that's very true - except when the repeater blows down, or you are stuck on the road broken down, between repeaters, cell phone says "No Signal" and you are 15 miles between exits.

So, then adding a CB to you arsenal proves not to be a such bad idea at all.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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