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Which breed does well left alone for 5 days at a time? I live 2 hours from my BOL so transporting our livestock we have at home will not be feasible. We need something that we can put at the BOL, feed and water weekly, but that will be left alone through the week.

The livestock at home will be slaughtered, prepared and packed in the days leading up to our BO.
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Cattle don't need to be baby sat constantly, so a 5 day stretch by themselves would be no problem, but they need to have an established herd order and plenty of grass based feed, If you need to pull calves it is from impropper feeding or not enough excercise, a cow needs to walk about 1/2 a mile a day to keep her body in decent shape, this doesn't include the distance she travels grazing, Do not feed pregnant cattle grain it causes problems with the rumen and inter muscle fat layers (due to an alergic reaction) Bovines are grass eaters, Grain feeding is what builds the "bad fats " that cause colesteral.
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