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    I said i would most likely not but i got off my arse and finialy went and took the saftey class. I,ve always thought the 2nd gave me all the right's i need, but the guberment see's it diffrent i reckon. So i went ahead to make the state happy. $75 and 8 hr's later the test was easy at least i thought so, got 100% so it had to be, lol. Range test 7 yard's every one shot the center out of it. I did learn that having one will make a bigger spotlight on ya even if it's a clear case of self defence. After i get the paper work back go to the sheriff office and pay another $60. They send ya a notice to come in and get a photo and sign in. About 90 day's i reckon. The fee's are going way up in other states and i know ky. will follow that. They are trying to rake up every penny they can. Some states it's double or tripple the fee's i paid and i think it will get a lot harder to get. I think in the long run it will pay off. If it's avialable i,d get one kinda just to cover ya but anyway. They will get harder to get and the fee's will go no where but up. So $135 later i'll be set for one, what's the process and fee's in your state. We also have open carry.
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    Hey Kyfarmer,

    I am an Oh. farmer. I got my cc. license about 5 years ago. I think it cost around 140 bucks all together. $100 for the course and $40 to the state. Mine had to be renewed in 08 and comes up again in 2013.

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    Congrat's KYFarmer. I'm looking at a group rate right now so a my wife and a few of my friends and there wives can all get there cc.
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    $60 and a self addressed stamp enevelop. Got mine back in two weeks.
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    Congrats on the permit!

    I had a friend to tell me the other day that only the good guys (and girls) get them. Which is true if you think about it. :D

    The 'fee' gets me ... but we are lucky as long as you have a hunting safety class (free here) you can get your CC permit. No special class :dunno:

    Then 5 bucks a year till you renew. (every 5 years)

    I'm thinking open carry ... screw the 25 bucks! To be honest ... I'm getting sick of all the "new" rules and regs!:mad: and all the 'give me a dollar for this and that'!
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    The only problem with open carry is, if you have it in your car it's considered concealed; at least it is here.
  7. Tex

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    In TX, the state gets $140. Veterans are 1/2 price. A 10 hr training course is mandatory. It typically costs $100-150. The CHL is good for 4 years from your next birthday. It's good in about 31 states and I've carried in 5 of them.

    In TX, it's legal for almost anybody to carry concealed in your car since the castle doctrine in Sept 2007. No CHL necessary.
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    All fee's were $135 in the end. We have open carry here to on seat in open or in the glovebox. In the console or under seat without permitt will get you in big trouble here. Sound's crazy but that's the way it is. We do have a purdy open policy here on hand gun's. I wanted to get mine before the fee's went way up. The state is looking for cash so i thought they will go up for sure. 8 hr. course is not hard and very informational. Better to have it and not need it than well ya know.
  9. *Andi

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    We do the dash here ... if the gun is on the dash board it is open. I say if they want to get you ... well, they will ... one way or the other ....

    I have my perrmit for now... 5 years from now ... will it matter one way or the other????????? not sure .
  10. kyfarmer

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    Stateboy's say that is brandishing, local yokel say's it's fine. So i really think neither one know's. Never did get a straight anwser.
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    Got my first one in 98 renewed it 2 times, good for 4 years in MT, I think the first time out it's about 70 bucks, renewal is 25.00 and you can renew it in any county for that meaning if you move over to another county when it's renewal time you just pay them the 25.00

    If you ever had hunters safety, that's good enough, I just showed my DD 214 and was good to go. if you have neither, you take a class, usually 50.00, takes a day.

    The only problem I have against open carry is that it seems to fire up the anti gun crowd more then they are , plus it openly advertises that you own at least one gun and could make you a target for a burglar or even somebody brave enough to just hit you from behind and grab the gun and run, and yes it can happen, regardless of how many black belts you have, also a lot of places are now putting up signs saying no firearms, and yes I usually tell the owners or managers that I'll spend my money elsewhere.

    I like the "Gray Man" approach much better... move quietly, leave no ripples ..
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    Indiana has a lifetime permit for $75. The state adds $50 for a background check (the state has to make more $), so for $125 you are go to go. Indiana is the only state that I am aware of that offers the lifetime permit. The downside is, with no mandatory class or training requirement, most other states will not honor the Indiana permit
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    Something to think about. In 2008 I talked with a Judge I know as well as a deputy about the 10 new gun laws passed in 2007. I was suprised to learn neither of them had been given any information on the new laws. I started keeping a copy of them in my vehicles.

    As Tex mentioned the Castle Doctrine allows most people in Texas to legally possess a concealed firearm intheir vehicle. There is also the Emergency Powers Act Ammendments (SB 112 effective 4/27/2007) which prevnts the seizure of legally possessed firearms during a state of emergency or natural disaster by state or local law enforcement. It also states that if they disarm a person they have encountered they must return the firearm and ammunition prior to ceasing to detain the person. This is also called the Katrina Bill.