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  1. iprepare143

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    1)72-hour non-perishable food supply(nuts,crackers,energy bars,raisins etc).
    2)Comfort foods.
    3)Bottled water.
    4)Basic first aid kit.
    6)Heavy work gloves.
    7)Fire Extinguisher.
    8)Car repair items.
    9)Battery operated radio.
    10)Compass and local maps of the area you frequently travel.
    11)Flashlight with extra batteries and spare bulb.
    12)Blankets or sleeping bags.
    13)Extra clothing and walking shoes.
    14)Plastic produce bags.
  2. CulexPipiens

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    While technology is working:
    Cell Phone

    Water Filter &/or purification tablets
    Multi Tool (leatherman, etc.)
    Duct Tape
    Zip Tiles
    Hand Sanitizer
    Pry Bar (can double as self defense weapon)
    Pack to carry everything if you have to abandon the vehicle
    Signaling (mirror, laser pointer, etc.)

    Location based (northern winter, arizon desert, etc.) can also affect the list. Recently in the big snowstorm, in Chicago the news reported people stuck in their cars for upwards of 12 hours when a major road got shutdown due to multiple accidents. This was within a quarter mile, heck maybe an eighth of a mile from civilization! It sounded like the conditions were such that the unprepared couldn't easily leave their vehicles.

  3. questor

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    towel, toilet paper
  4. backlash

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    I gave my kids each a kit for Christmas.
    Included some of the things on these list.
    I also included a clean can,string, hand warmers,and candles.
    I didn't think of it or I would have included a shovel.
    Like CulexPipiens said it depends on the location.
    They travel across the mountain pass occasionally so they need things to survive being stuck in a snow storm for up to 12 hours.
  5. questor

    questor Well-Known Member

    books, games, things to do
  6. Tirediron

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    Nobody mentioned a folding shovel (sorry, Backlash said shovel) , or a ratchet type cargo strap, A heavy duty one can be very helpful to unstick a mildly stuck vehicle.Crank type flashlights , some have a radio.Space blanket.
  7. MrSfstk8d

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    Make sure your spare tire has air pressure.
  8. wldrbob

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    car gear,,

    booster cables, antifreeze...motor oil...good shovel...tire chains ..heat source procat propane heater,, candles,, alcohol burner etc. blanket/sleeping bag ...good winter boots..gloves or mitts...good cold weather hat... energy bars...flashlight ..basic tool kit ,,self defence weapon..this is what i carry it gets to 40 below or more here...
  9. Winter

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  10. paladinFL

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    Air Pump

    Wamart sells several sizes of portable air pumps. The smallest is about the size of an old CD player (remember those?). I have one in my Lowes 16" tool bag that I keep in the car along with a couple of rain ponchos, Hefty tool set, flares, jumper cables and other stuff.
  11. efbjr

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    Fix-A-Flat...especially the type for the larger SUV tires. Inflates the tire and (hopefully) seals the leak(s). Probably a quicker fix in a bug out situation. :scratch

    Harbor Freight Tools sells an air pump for $8. Also a good source for all kinds of auto survival kit stuff. :)
  12. ra5451

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    Why? Doesn't everyone have one on their person?

  13. BridenSolutions

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    You may also want to consider the situation where you are stuck in the vehicle and cannot get out. I have heard of this in real life where someone in a blizzard pulls off the road, overnights, and wakes up the next morning and the snow is up to the windows. So they couldn't open the doors, and the windows only a few inches.

    In this case the person was very happy to have a product called a Restop, basically a bag you go potty in. There are separate Restop's for doing business #1 and #2 if you know what I mean. I suppose any bottle or bag might do the job in a pinch, but the Restop just makes it a little nicer, cleaner, reduces the odor etc.
  14. agringo4u

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    Great list. I see a few other people have added a few things that may come in handy as well. I am sure everyone know that a home survival kit and an actual survival plan is very important too.
  15. Kevin108

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    I ditched my flares because they made the interior of my Cherokee smell like sulfur. I could have bagged them to keep the smell in but I have other light sources and signaling options I keep with me. Other than that I have everything on this list except instead of produce bags I have a couple large drum liners.

    I have TP and paper towels, hand cleaner, a 12v air compressor, 12v chargers for my phone and netbook, extra ammo, safety glasses and a few spare electronic parts that are prone to fail on my vehicle.

    I have a GHB that goes everywhere with me. It has multiple flashlights, a lighter, tinder, extra ammo, a multi-tool, a compass and some basic meds.
  16. sailaway

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    Naekid had a nice list on another thread dealing with car survival kits on this forum. Mine is modeled after that, but roughly the same as what has been listed here. It all depends where you live as to what you will need.
  17. geoffreys7

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    One thing I like to have in the car is a small inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. I can use my laptop and other small devices without 110 volt power.
  18. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    No experience with these, but if someone wants something like a flare, perhaps these would work. 3 FlareAlert LED Emergency Beacon Flares with Storage Bag: Automotive
  19. stayingthegame

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    snow chains once got me out of deep mud. I was outside of New Orleans and it was summer. four teen boys came to help me couldn't push it out. went in my trunk pulled out the chains, put them on and pulled out with just a little bit of push from the boys. they were fascinated by them and the young (18 yo) woman who put them on.:2thumb:
  20. mikesolid

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    I didn't read ALL the replies but what about extra gas?

    Oh and if you have a little money to burn and want a little extra protection for your car theres films to put on your vehicles glass to make it less...shatter prone.

    One such site

    I'm still researching some more of the "shatterproof" type of films.
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