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  1. stayingthegame

    stayingthegame Well-Known Member

    how many of you leave the rings on your canning jars or do most of you remove them?
  2. CVORNurse

    CVORNurse Well-Known Member

    I tend to remove mine. If you leave them on they can rust. I only put on a ring if I am giving something to someone else. I keep the plastic storage caps that Ball has for my own use- they have regular and wide mouth available.

    And as a plus, if you remove the rings, you will not need as many.

  3. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    On canned (water bath an pressure) I take the rings off. If a lid pops (looses a seal) er really lets go, I'd rather know bout it an a ring can sometimes keep a lid from poppin off. Messy yes, (some a grandma's old canned stuff fer example) exploded. I have no idear why it was ever kept, stuff had ta be 40 plus years old.

    On my vacuum sealed jars, I leave a ring on em. Don't know if be needed er not, just a strange old hillbilly way.

    Always try ta keep yer stored goods in a cool, dark an dry place.
  4. *Andi

    *Andi Supporting Member

    When canning I leave the rings on for 24 hours ... then remove.
  5. lotsoflead

    lotsoflead Well-Known Member

    before storing, the rings should be taken off and the jar washed in very warm soap and water for storage, being especially careful to wash the glass threads good so mold dosen't start.
  6. JustCliff

    JustCliff Supporting Member

    Ok I will admit it. I'm kind of slack. I will leave them on until I need them for another batch. Then I will scramble to get them off and washed and on the new jars. :D
  7. Centraltn

    Centraltn Well-Known Member

    I remove mine on regular jars but on wide mouths I leave them on. One half decent knock on that wide mounts unprotected edge and you've lost your seal
  8. joyfulheart

    joyfulheart Active Member

    I take them off all of them.

    Havent had a problem yet!
  9. Dixie

    Dixie Well-Known Member