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    8 cups tomatoes, peeled, chopped and drained
    2 1/2 cups chopped onion
    1 1/2 cups chopped green pepper
    3 – 5 chopped jalapenos
    6 cloves minced garlic
    2 tsp cumin
    2 tsp pepper
    1/8 cup canning salt
    ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro
    1/3 cup sugar
    1 cup vinegar (for BWB or 1/3 cup vinegar for PC)
    16 oz. tomato sauce
    16 oz tomato paste

    Mix all ingredients, bring to a boil, boil 10 minutes.

    Pour into hot jars, process at 10 lbs of pressure for 30 minutes for pints. Or WB 15 minutes.

    Makes 6 pints

    if you don't like sweet salsa omit the sugar
    I preferred to use lemon juice rather then vinegar

    3-5 jalapenos is a medium hot salsa.
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    Thanks for the recipe! This sounds yummy. Will add it to my recipe book.:D