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Me and Girlfriend took a Spring time trip to Alaska a few years back, and the guy that flew the aircraft dropped us off in the wrong location, more than 200 miles from civilization!

The pilots up there have an 'Emergency Bag' handy at all times.
Usually has a pistol, flairs, stuff like that, and you can't make them put it down when they are out.

For us getting dropped off 200 miles from the nearest town,
It was a 'Walk Out' or get lucky situation, so we walked out.
After an accidental dropping of a pack cut our supplies down to half, it was starting to look pretty serious, but it really wasn't a huge thing, and we met some people along the way that were just wonderful...

No injuries (except to my bank account, that camping gear isn't cheap!) and we didn't really even get hungry along the way...
Got tired of drinking just plain water, but other than that, it was an 'Adventure' instead of a 'Live or Die' situation.
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