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    I'm probably going to regret posting this but I'm confused, why does everyone hate Obama? I don't really keep up with politics but it seams that everyone is against him, nowi dont agree with every thing hes done the stimulus bill and cash for clusters up a load of bull but he has pulled the troops out of Iraq and even though most don't like it he has a health care bill passed, he's thing to fix **** but you got to admit he had one hell of a mess to clean up, so is say he's doing a good job considering. I was just wondering why, maybe someone knows something i don't.
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    Don't regret your posting. I'm just starting to learn about politics. Uncle Joe gave me some great websites to read and learn from a while back and now that we have high speed internet I can actually do so. I really cannot answer your question intellegently at this time but it seemes to me that this would be a good time to tell people who never really looked into it before- read, study, and learn. This country's political system affects each one of us. The material is REALLY dull and dry at first but once it starts to "click" in your mind it actually gets pretty interesting.

    Sorry. I don't mean to hijack the thread.

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    I'm just curious, in your line of work how many times have you successfully blamed a predecessor for the difficulties and failures you are incurring. I can't think of any time that I could have done that when I was in the workforce, my boss would have not accepted it and would have said, get over it and fix the problem or move aside and let someone else have a chance.
    I guess I'm just getting tired of the blame game, name calling and smoke and mirrors tactics.
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    I agree with Bob on his post. Also let’s put this out there, for every spending bill the Obama puts out there the farther in debt the country goes. That is money our Grandchildren will have to pay back.:mad: First rule in life if you find yourself in a hole stop digging. Apparently this administration believes that you can just keep on digging and come out the other side.

    The other thing all of this spending is just prolonging the inevitable. We have a free market system that has ups and downs. Throwing money into "making jobs" is a waste because they have not even been created. The market must hit bottom before it can recover, so let it. Yes the unprepared will suffer but that is life.

    I know some will disagree with me on is but it’s my opinion. Saying to our enemies we will be gone by this date, is moronic. The enemy will just back off until we are gone and they go right back to the original ways. I do not have an issue with bringing our boys home but make sure the job is finished before you decide to do it. Yes it’s in their best interest now to say I oppose being in (insert foreign country here) but our guys got put there by the Gooberment in Washington. A president does nothing by himself. Sorry guys it doesn't happen. Obama is the head led by the unions and other special interest groups. Unions say the war is not good for us so Obama is taking the stand on it.

    This is just the thoughts of an old field medic (Ghetto Medic). Take it for what it’s worth. God bless and everyone stay safe.:D
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    Where to start???

    First, you might want to think of the things you've written above. They don't sound like much of a reason to praise Owe-bama do they? The only real "accomplishment" (health care) you listed you also stated was very unpopular. The troop withdrawal was on the schedule already. Your paragraph above sums up most of what people have to say that's good about Owe-bama. His defenders can't point to any real accomplishments. When cornered all they say is that he's better than Bush. So what? That's supposed to make him competent? Like BB said, he's all about whining how bad it was before him. He didn't know that when he ran for office? If I remember correctly he ran for office telling people how bad it was and that he was for "change." Now he's making excuses and whining like a little boy about how bad it is. We're supposed to respect that in a leader?

    Owe-bama is completely out of touch with the American people. For example; I believe that most Americans would welcome good health coverage but Owe-bama's "health care" isn't it. It was rammed through and voted on and those voting for it didn't even know what was in it. It's going to be extremely expensive for individuals, businesses, and the taxpayer. The insurance policies people are going to be able to afford will be high-deductible and useless for anything except major medical. You'll be buying it from the same insurance companies Owe-bama has painted as the "bad guys" (and he's right about that) throughout this fiasco and it won't be voluntary. You'll be forced to do it by the federal government and if you don't you'll be paying an extra tax enforced by the IRS. In case you haven't dealt with the IRS they can garnishee wages, sieze assets, take your tax return, harrass you endlessly and they don't have to "prove" you're guilty to do any of this. You have to prove your innnocence. The health care bull (sorry, "bill") was pure partisan politics. The democraps had the majority and they shoved it down the people's throats. They don't seem to understand that people like to believe congress critters represent them ... not dictate to them.

    Owe-bama promised a new way of doing things. What a crock! He's more into the old way of Washington cronyism and back-door-deal-making than the worst of those before him. His concept of non-partisan is that if you disagree he'll resort to name calling and push it through anyway with no need to arrive at a decision that's acceptable to most.

    He's for the "little guy" yet the biggest beneficiaries since he's been in office are the labor uniions, Wall Street, banks, and big business. Just what has Owe-bama done for you since he's been in office.

    The biggest need we have as a nation right now is for decent jobs. Owe-bama is playing his fiddle and off on vacations while Rome burns. Owe-bama has been spending his time and energy on everything except jobs. He's run up the national debt faster and farther than any other president in history and would gladly run it up even higher. In case you haven't thought about it, all that money will have to be repaid by someone. I'm near retirement age as are many people so who do you think will be stuck paying it back? Our kids and grandchildren! And probably you! There will be massive tax increases somewhere along the line and it won't all come from the "rich." It's already happened in many small areas. Usually "sin" taxes on tobacco, alcohol, etc.

    His administration took Arizona to court over their attempt to secure our border when the only reason they needed to do that IS BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ISN'T DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How arrogant! They don't want the states to be secure from a foreign invasion but they aren't willing or able to do the job themselves!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't see a problem there? It's like the police telling you that you can't defend yourself but they won't do it either!!! The truth of the matter is that it's politics as usual. The democraps need the minority votes to stay in office. They don't care what happens to the rest of us as long as they stay in office.

    And on top of that he panders to the Mexican President who has such a **** hole of a country that people are willing to face death to escape from it and he panders to Muslims who cheered when the WTC was leveled. This is someone to be respected and admired? By who?

    Owe-bama is bent on establishing Federal dominance over every aspect of our lives. I haven't even begun on his views of cap and trade.

    The sad thing is that any defenders of Owe-bama will not be able to cite his accomplishments. They'll only go into long tirades about how he's better than Bush. Regarding my views of Bush? He wasn't much of a prize either. But he's still better than Owe-bama.
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    There are many who ask the same thisg

    So your not alone, for the most part Obama was never fit to be President, he never held a job, never run a business except something like Acorn. Where did he come from? who is he really, it should disturb everybody in this country to know a complete stranger was "put" into of where did the money come from?he was put into office by ..."WHOM"? and the question begs..."WHY"?

    At least Jimmy Carter had been Gov of GA, Clinton was Gov of AR, Bush was Gov of TX, Obama wasn't even really a Senator, he was running for President from day one, the Media has given him a free pass since day one of his political career , name one Republican who could ever get away with voteing present over 200 times or who could be out on the road running for another office when they had only just set down in their current seat?

    The Media along with others wanted Obama in office, why? I don't have a clue, most Americans who voted for him did so more because he was black then because of his ability's.

    What if Mrs. Bush had said "I've never been proud of my country" ??? would the media have given her a get out of jail card?

    The Media dragged up all kinds of trash on Bush, from his National Guard days to his drinking problems when young but never asks why Obama will not prove his citizenship when asked, if you go for a new job you have to prove your a citizen, no? then shouldn't the leader of the free world?
    These are not new questions, they've been asked since before he was "put" into the office.

    The main answer to your OP is that you need to look, you need to question, you need to check the facts, otherwise your relying on what we tell you just as the American people relied on the media to tell them about Obama.

    The media has had a field day with Jan Brewers short memory laps in the debate last week, but Obama can't even talk to a group of school kids without having a prompter but they never mention it...ask why?

    I've been a prepper for over 40 years, I've been watching the Demo party trying to disarm us for almost 50 years, I've never seen things as bad as now
    and I don't see them getting better...

    I believe in my heart that there is a plan, a plan to control the world and us nasty gun owning Americans are holding up the game, I believe our Government is a front, a shill, in a game we have no idea of, our leaders are not our leaders, they are the puppets of "THEIR" leaders, we buy their bull **** and send them to DC to do the job of running America but when they get there they get bought off, or scared off, or trashed until they shut up and go home.

    This is how "I" see it, you need to look and read and think, watch the news, not to find out what''s going on, watch it to see the farce of it, I don't even believe FOX is really giving us the truth most of the time..

    Anyway, sorry for the lecture, your aware, your asking questions, your now ahead of 50 % of the country.
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    The troops ain't left Iraq yet, the combat troops were pulled out cause they gotta go to Afghanistan, there still be lots of troops over there, will be fer a long time.

    He is leadin us to a socialist type of government, now there will always be a need fer government involvement, but not a total control of everthing we do. They always stick there nose in where they shouldn't an hardly ever take care of the things they should. Greed is distroyin the governing body, money rules an the people don't.

    Stimulus package has been nothin but a pain in the butt where I work. We was better off an doin better work before the feds stepped in. Now we have so many limitations an new rules we can hardly get anything done right! You wan't a headace? Try followin the rules an regs of local government, county government, state government an the federal government!:surrender: None of em on the same page er doin the same thing.

    OH I can't wait fer retirement! That is if there still be a retirement when I get there!
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    all of you are making great points on obama.don't forget his muslim background, the fact he does not place jis hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance, or that fact he had ibcrease welfare and food stamp benifits as well. which where done for those who voted for him.:gaah:
    we have to stop spending to fix are national debit , not spending more on bailing out wall street, the banks, the auto companies. heck how about giving the american that money so all of can pay all our debits off so we can breathe easier. lets explore all our options, lean, read and vote someone else in and prayer that they can fix some of whats wrong.:surrender:

    Obama calling for more infrastructure spending (AP)
    AP - President Barack Obama is asking Congress to approve at least $50 billion in long-term spending in the nation's roads, railways and runways in a pre-election effort to show he's trying to stimulate the sputtering economy

    now were in the world does he plan on coming up with the money to do all this, our we not in a trillion dollar deficit now.
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    I concur with all the above!:congrat::beercheer::2thumb:
  10. mosquitomountainman

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    Want some more examples?

    "U.S. President Barack Obama has made efforts to reach out to the world's 1.5 billion Muslims since taking office last year, most recently hosting Muslim leaders at the White House at the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in August."

    "The U.S. Embassy in Kabul said the 'United States government in no way condones such acts of disrespect against the religion of Islam, and is deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups.'"

    Afghans protest U.S. church's plans to torch Koran - Yahoo! News

    Makes you wonder what stance Owe-bama had when the gov't was sponsoring "art" depicting a cricifix in a bottle of urine? Or is it only Moslems they don't want to offend? And why didn't he explain to Moslems that free speech is part of our constitutional rights? He was very quick to come to the defense of Muslims having the right to build a mosque near ground zero no matter who it offended! Why didn't he defend Americans exercising their Constitutional Right of free speech? Wonder where he stands on burning the American flag?
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    Here's a short (18 second) clip of Obama speaking that will make you wonder:

    [ame=]YouTube - Obama: "My Muslim Faith"[/ame]
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    Can of worms...... ?

    Here's my can of worms..... :eek: :D

    Squirm Can.jpg
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    22 song to go with it? :D
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    Well i guess he cant please all the people all the time, I personally think he's doing a great job giving what he had to work with I'm not blaming bush for the state of things but he didn't help much, ad far as Obama religious beliefs so what if he's a Muslim would it make any difference to anyone if it wasn't Muslim extremist who attacked us, I'm Christian yet I loath the wesrboro Baptist church people but just because the things they do does that mean I should hate all Christians no where in our constitution dies it say the president can't be a Muslim or a Jew or an atheist or does it say he has to be white, just a natural born us citizen, of a certain age. And for those who think he's not don't you think to run for president the cia, nsa, FBI or any other gov organization would know. So what if some policies are not agreeable non ever are. My feeling is we will never know if he really is all he was cracked up to be because looking at his approval ratings he's not going to get a second term he's just gonna spend is four years trying to clean up this ****ed up country and then our the door for another old white republican to screw it up again. I just can't believe it only took us 200 or so years to make a complete mess of what was to be a good thing. :surrender: I'm moving to q county where I can really have freedom someplace like north korea.
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    Hey! That wasn't fair. I had company all day and wasn't online. You guy's took all the good stuff. :gaah: I'll add one thing though.
    The U.S is in debt up to it's receding hairline. It can never be paid off, yet this administration continues to borrow and print money in hopes that it will spur "economic growth" thereby increasing tax revenue. If I was a million dollars in debt and my income was dropping by 10% or so every year, what good is it going to do for me to borrow more? Eventually I will have to declare bankruptcy because I can't go to the Federal Reserve and tell them "I need more". But that is exactly what is going on. Have you ever seen this? U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time EVERY CITIZEN in this country would need to pay the fed gov. nearly $175,000 to wipe the debt slate clean. Every man, woman and child. Never gonna happen. But hey just keep borrowing. :rolleyes: Let the next guy worry about it.
    To be fair, it's not all the fault of this administration but they are accelerating it at a blinding rate with no clear destination in mind. Deficit spending has been going on for decades. The difference now is that some of the people are waking up. The internet is a tremendous resource for individuals to gather information. Use it. As others have said; don't sit down in front of the TV and expect to get real news. Dig in; read and do research on your own. You will never view our "leaders" in the same light again.
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    oh, come on, UJ, that wasn't even close to having "all the good stuff"... after I get home from this job in a couple days I will post from my home comp from my 'extensive' files :D (unless this thread starts flaming & then gets locked ;) )

    kbamvakais, when I'm done, your Kool-Aid will NEVER taste the same again :eek: :D
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    Lol I hate kool aid I'm more of a tang person
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    LOL! From the horses big mouth himself. What i still can not fathom is why are so many zombies following this azz. :scratch It 100% proves that brain death is prevalent in living humans. :eek: live zombies i,ve heard about those. :D