Cambridge, MA at it again

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Sam1957, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Sam1957

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    This liberal elite town needs to do alot of soul searching or move en mass to another country. On the news this morning Cambridge cable has incorporated an Al-Jazzera news channel in its line up. Our taxes supporting Middle East propaganda, the end is truly is only a matter of time.

    I am so disappointed in the direction of America. Makes one want to pack up and find a mountainside to live on away from all this bullcrap.

    If people like things so much in other countries, why don't they just go there and leave the rest of us the hell alone?
  2. nj_m715


    I'd trust them as much as I'd trust our news. Their propaganda, our propaganda, what's the difference?

    Do your tax dollars support the cable company? Cancel the cable and buy extra beans.

  3. worldengineer

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    I think about it all the time, just need to figure out a way to intercept satellite signals from my neighbors. ;)

    50 dollars a month extra would be nice. More gas for the generators.
  4. IrritatedWithUS

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    I saw a story on how America is pouring in BILLIONS in the MULTIPLES category on rebuilding old mosques in the middle east that aren't in Iraq or Afghanistan
  5. Herbalpagan

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    That's what we did! lol
  6. philjam

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    What is wrong with having access to what the enemy is saying? If the station supports itself I see nothing wrong with it broadcasting in a free society.
  7. Immolatus

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    Sorry, alternative news channels can really open your eyes to new perspectives. Our mainstream media is owned by corporate giants who have their own agendas, and they usually dont align with the peoples (us).
    Your statement reflects exactly what 'they' want you to think.
    If you are actually questioning AJs intents, then you should also question NBC/ABC/CBS. Everyone has an agenda. NBCs parent company, GE, paid no taxes last year. Do you think they will tell you anything that isnt in GEs best interest?
    Think about that.
    I have been watching a lot of RT (Russian television) .

    I also dont understand what you mean by 'our taxes supporting propaganda'. Is their cable subsidized?
    Our taxes (by their lack of paying them) certainly support GEs propaganda.

    I cant imagine anyone is actually for us entering into another war, but you dont hear much complaining about it, at least on tv. How many wars that we are currently involved in actually have the backing of the people? Supporting war does not mean the same thing as supporting the troops. Obviously we all support the troops, but for me, that means not putting them in harms way in the first place. I would think the average citizen values our troops lives more than the people who are making the decisions.

    And why are 'they' the enemy, anyway? If they didnt have any oil, would we care at all what they do with their own country?
  8. Sam1957

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    The point was not so much that cable is carrying the channel, it is that PBS is providing it with our tax dollars. So yes, we are susidizing them. I also question the main stream media's intent every day!

    As far as the comment from someone here goes about "hearing what the enemy is saying" I don't believe for a second that the news will not be slanted toward misdirection and information that progressives will use to solidfy their opinion of America as the "bad guy".

    I have zero problem with broadcasting opposing views from anywhere, but I do have issues with being required to pay for it. If AJ wants to broadcast in the USA, let them bear the cost.

    The problem I have in general is that it seems when it comes to information, most folks do not spend any time doing research on their own to determine the vaildity of what they are hearing. So disinformation, foreign or domestic, adds to the problem. But I guess that has been an issue since man started to write and speak. I bet the 3rd sentence out of the 1st language speakers mouth was bull*&^%! LOL.
  9. Immolatus

    Immolatus Just getting started. Always.

    Ahh, so PBS is broadcasting AJ? Interesting. I didnt quite get that.

    With all of the problems we have, its pretty silly (for congressmen) to attack CPB over funding. We will spend more than the $450 million in proposed CPB funding for this year in Libya in a week. Its estimated that we shot off $100 million worth of missles the first day. I guess we borrowed money from the Chinese to pay for them.
  10. nj_m715


    1 mil. in the first day? Try 1.4 per pop!.
  11. Woody

    Woody Woodchuck

    AJ and RT are part of my dish package, not on PBS here. I DVR several news channels every day and flip through them instead of watching live TV in the evenings. Sure all are biased in one direction or the other but watching several you can be sure the real story is somewhere in-between all of them. I have watched the same story on CNN and then RT or AJ and you would swear that they were about completely different events.

    CCNABCCBS news would never ever tell us that most of the Middle East views us as warmongering terrorists, would they?
  12. *Andi

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    We didn't pick a mountainside but the foothills ... :D

    We done away with the dish and said the heck with it. We have one tv and some dvds for rainy days. No problem with getting our news for the net and radio.

    If you take their money away ... you take their power away.;) (JMHO)

    buy some more beans ...