Call of Help from South Korea

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Pyron, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Pyron

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    Greetings to all survivors.

    Let me put this simply: I am a 15 year old South Korean survivalist- one of the few, in fact considering the circumstances.

    I recently found this site when I was researching “How long does bottled water last?” and I found this great site where most people are as paranoid as I am.

    In case you didn’t notice, Korea is the CLOSEST NEIGHBOR to Japan. And what’s Japan? Japan is a barricade between Korea and hell. So far they’ve born the brunt of earthquakes and tsunamis, but now this nuclear meltdown could lead to a massive man-made disaster in ROK.

    The White House promised the AMERICAN PEOPLE that THE EFFECTS OF RADIATION will be minimal, if and where a scarf over my face. Enough water at home for a month- my family is gea nonexistent. But do you really trust the White House? And WHAT ABOUT US?? If the wind blows the wrong way my country could be the NEXT CHERNOBYL.

    And trust me, Busaners ARE NOT READY for ANY KIND OF NATURAL DISASTER. My people are too weak, too fragile. Too dependent on wireless internet.

    I carry three day’s worth of food in my backpack AT ALL TIMES ring up to.

    Any way nice to meet y’all. Any suggestions as to what to do will be welcome.

    Pyron Kim

  2. GXLancer

    GXLancer Semper I

    step 1: Sell all your ****

    step 2: Buy a plane tickect to the US

    step 3: Get on plane

    step 4: Arrive in America

    step 5: Start prepping

    IDK man but best of luck to you

  3. IrritatedWithUS

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    learn from this site to help you prepare.
    If you can. I'd leave South Korea.
  4. vn6869

    vn6869 Afraid, very afraid

    Leave South Korea and go where exactly, Irritated?

    Yes, So. Korea could become very dangerous due to radiation fall out.
    At least there is a chance it won't happen. But there is time to prepare.
    You have the benefit of time and knowledge that is coming.
    Food, water, etc are the least of your worries. Particularly since you have already prepped those.

    I would be checking all the internet sites, etc, I could about prepping for a nuclear disaster.

    And best of luck to you and all those caught up in this disaster.
    Our prayers go out to you.
  5. MrSfstk8d

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    I've looked down over the city from the top of Hwang Yong San many times. It is an absolutely beautiful sight! But, as much of it is in the valleys and emptying into the port, it would be an absolute disaster if a tsunami ever hit there. I know ROK is very densely populated, it seems every space has either a house or garden on it. If you wish to get out of the city, perhaps closer to Daegu could work? A little south of Daegu, where I was for a year, there are some very nice areas, protected from the weather somewhat by the mountains, but still plenty enough flat space for gardening. We had snow very little there. I would definately recommend finding a place to practice with growing your own food a very good start on prepping. Best of Luck!

    And welcome to the forum.
  6. Magus

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    Eat lots of sea kelp,its full of potassium iodide.

    see which way the wind blows.stay inside if its blowing your way!

    Leave the R.O.K and move to Atlanta,immigrate north from there.

    [Please remember dogs are like family here,no snacking!but you can have all the ferals and coyotes you want though,they'll even pay you in some places!]

    Hmm....coyote Jerky.wonder if there's a market[eyes Mauser and dehydrator thoughtfully]

    Anyway,welcome dude,I like R.O.Ks myself.:D
  7. Pyron

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    I thank y'all for replying to my post.
    Civil defence sirens go off here about once a month and the government plans on rolling tanks around to get the citizens used ti seein' 'em.

    If North Korea invades and an earthquake strikes, basically when the **** goes on the fan, I hope I'll be ready.

    i've got a sweet little garden on my balcony, but only greens I have are cherry tomatoes and blueberries- which is a start, I guess.

    as some of you mentioned, not a scrap of green garden space here. wish I was in Kansas.

    underground farming is a big thing in R.O.K these days.
  8. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    maybe this will help? :dunno:
  9. Centraltn

    Centraltn Well-Known Member

    I dont suppose you have explored outside of your city? Look for a cave. Good shelter incase of fallout. If it is far enough away from civilization, plant yourself a little garden outside of it.
  10. ajsmith

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    Welcome to the forum and best of luck to ya, :wave:
  11. HELIXX

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    Welcome Pyron.
    We might face the same fate if we get hit by tidal waves on either coast.
    We have all created a monster and can't put it back in the box..... :surrender: