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New mayor ready to work | Calgary Votes | News | Calgary Sun

CalgarySun said:
With barely any sleep, mayor-elect Naheed Nenshi went to work right away Tuesday outlining his immediate priorities, while juggling calls from well-wishers and requests from media locally, nationally and internationally.

Nenshi said he knows that the day after his victory would be about "communicating with Calgarians what the next three years is going to be like."

"What I have learned is today is also a day of communicating with Canadians, with people around the world to tell them the story of Calgary," he said.

"I knew that's going to be part of the job and I'm excited that it started already."

The soon-to-be sworn in mayor appeared exhausted from the several media appearances and meetings he had Tuesday.

"One day sleep will come," he said.

Nenshi went to the city hall for the first time after he won over rivals Ald. Ric McIver and former TV news anchor Barb Higgins.

He met with Mayor Dave Bronconnier, who showed him his temporary office, before they had a private meeting.

Nenshi's first important job before he is sworn into office next Monday, is assemble his staff, build a team with within city council and among the 14,000 people who work for the city.

He said he has received several phone calls from other mayors in major Canadian cities and from his old mentor John Ralston Saul, the husband of former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson.

Nenshi also received a phone call from Premier Ed Stelmach right after he delivered his victory speech Monday night.

"Everyone has got good advice," he said.

Nenshi said he doesn't have any major announcements in the coming days, but said work will begin shortly on four important council items, including the 2011 budget.

"We've got to close that $60-million deficit in a way that it doesn't cut essential services to Calgarians, keeps property taxes reasonable," he said.

He also mentioned about two important infrastructure that his administration will immediately tackle: the construction of airport tunnel and the southeast leg of LRT.

"Finally, we owe it to Calgarians to start showing them real concrete, visible changes in how city hall and council do their business to make it better for them."

Nenshi was interviewed in national television Tuesday and will spend 25 minutes in live national radio show Wednesday.

He also has been invited for an interview on CNN, sources say, though it's not immediately known which program Nenshi will appear on or if he has accepted the invitation.
Muslims downplay faith in vote | Calgary & Alberta | News | Calgary Sun

CalgarySun said:
While Calgary Islamic leaders played down the significance of the election of a Muslim mayor, one of the figures admitted it's a breakthrough for acceptance in a conservative city.

While insisting Naheed Nenshi's background as an Ismaili Muslim "is definitely not an important thing," Syed Soharwardy said it does display a welcome religious-colour blind attitude of many city voters.

"It goes beyond colour and religion - it shows we are a city that stands up for what's inside a person," said Soharwardy, president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.

"It's an absolutely great thing to see how diverse Calgary is ... it sent a message to people who don't have tolerance."

But he said racist commentary greeting Nenshi's victory also sends a message.

"A backlash against Muslims is still going to happen, but like terrorists, they are a very small minority," he said.

The larger Islamic community, he said, wasn't instrumental in ensuring Nenshi's election, adding Muslims were just as likely to vote for his opponents.

Nenshi's religious faith is irrelevant, said Nagah Hage, chairman of the Muslim Council of Calgary.

"He didn't run as a Muslim, he ran as a Calgarian," said Hage.

"We're happy for him, not because he's a Muslim but because he's the most qualified for the position."

But Hage said he's aware many Muslim voters did cast their ballots for Nenshi.

Even so, Hage said he resented the attention paid to the mayor-elect's Muslim faith.

"If Mr. Nenshi was a Hindu or a Sikh, would we be talking about this?" he said.

None of the other candidates' religious background was ever mentioned, said Hage.

Nenshi told reporters he can't and won't shy away from his religious faith but said it wasn't a big factor on the hustings.
There are quite a few people who have rumblings sayin' that Calgary is about to goto hell in a handbasket because a Muslim has been elected to the city's top position. I have heard that the "open" polls setup by local newspapers / radio-stations are finding out that the majority of Calgarians are not supportive of this new leader ... which leads me to think that the vote might have been rigged so that an "unknown" underdog would win ... does that sound familiar to my American brothers and sisters?

Oh ya .. an MP made a comment that he is now trying to recant ..

MLA sorry for BIG mistake | Calgary Votes | News | Calgary Sun

CalgarySun said:
After condemning Calgary voters for making a "big mistake" in their choice for mayor, a local MLA is backpeddling.

Calgary-North Hill MLA Kyle Fawcett used Twitter to weigh in on the city's historic civic election Monday, typing a terse message suggesting newly elected Naheed Nenshi was not the best choice for the top job.

"Nenshi ... BIG mistake Calgary!" wrote the rookie Tory backbencher when the polls showed the one-time underdog had claimed the mayor's post.

Shortly after that post he offered a more moderate opinion, saying, "Nenshi ran a great campaign, probably one of the best I have seen, however my personal opinion is he was not the best choice or in the top five."

Premier Ed Stelmach, who called Nenshi after his victory, had a phone conversation with Fawcett Tuesday and said the online remarks may have been reflections of the MLA's disappointment in the outcome.

"This is politics, it's passionate," the premier said. "He might have been supporting another candidate and probably didn't think before he put the message out."

Fawcett released a statement saying he doesn't want to sour relations with the city.

"While I supported a different candidate, and Mr. Nenshi and myself might disagree on some policy matters, it was not my intent to question the democratic result of the election," he said.

Nenshi downplayed Fawcett's comments, noting he's willing to talk to the MLA but doesn't think his opinion mirrors the stance of the provincial government.
Personally - I think that his first comment was right on the money ..

The wanderer
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My sympathies are extended to you and your fellow Calgarians. I hope he sticks to politics and the best interest of the people and Canada, and doesn't make his agenda into a religion thing. I hope others don't force it into a religious thing.

Good luck!

Funny, here in the U.S. if a liberal/democrat wins, they claim won fair and square and had a right to win because they were the best, drivel drivel drivel. When conservative/republican wins, the liberals are running around crying foul, blaming this person or that person or the tea party for "swaying the public", blah blah blah.

I hope all you U.S. citizens on this forum are registered to vote and turn out at the polls on election day. Even if you don't vote the same way I do, I hope you get out and vote. The worst thing to me is someone who gripes about the government or politicians, but doesn't vote.

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:scratch bet lots of Calgarians wish they had bothered to vote, but who knows he may do allright not real hard to top Bronco, I though the best choice would have been McIver , but that vote was prolly split with Higgins.
Brush up on your arabic Naekid

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I am going to be movin' outta this town .. sorry, but, I am not interested in having a muslim for a mayor ...

From the reports I read, there was a turn-out at the polls more than double what normally turns out for elections.
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