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Calgary Flood Waters

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Here in Calgary we have had a few floods. I will have to do some hunting on my hard-drives to locate some of the pictures that I took, but here are a few that I could find while doing a quick image search ..

Flash flood of May 5 2007

More pictures at:

We also had another flooding happen here in Calgary where the continuous rains raised the rivers to flood-stages.

Here are a couple of links to the Bragg Creek area's flooding:
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Yikes! How much rain did you get in what time span? Any damage to your home?
That flash-flood rain-storm happened while I was at work .. the lightning and thunder and rain and wind was insane. Where those previous pictures were taken was about 5 min drive south of my house.

My house is on the top of the hill, so the water just flowed away and into the creek flowing at the base. The creek was swollen beyond normal capacity, which flowed into the river which was also swollen beyond capacity. My friend who works for the city roads division told me stories of all the areas of the city having flood zones as well.

For those pictures shown above, from what I can tell, the storm drain exploded and forced thousands of liters of water up and onto the road-way - completely closing it. Another roadway was also flooded - I saw pictures of an 18-wheeler virtually submerged. Other pictures of an under-ground parking lot show that cars were submerged over their dashes.
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