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    This is what Naekid wrote in a thread about bug out vehicle :

    I wish I had this kind of arrangement myself , but really the first thing that I thought of is : If I had some place to bug out to , then I would defintiley store a few things just in case.

    I don't think a friend with 10 acres will mind to keep a backpack or duffel bag for me somewhere in his barn or cellar, but it will dramatically enhance my preparedness should I come there one day. You might even come empty handed if the car was smashed or looted while you were on the way.

    Caching doesn't always mean digging and burying stuff underground.
    Hiding a few bags or packs with a friend is another form of caching that we ought to give some thought.
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    My thought is to have some or all of your group have supplies that they can have in place or bring to your meeting BOL. My house is the main meeting location do to its central location and multiple preparations, but, each who will rally here have back up supplies in case they need to stay put or use their site as an alternate. Every year I print out a family emergengy plan for each with details on what their responsibilities are, updated phone numbers and addresses, supplies, and updated travel map routes.
    You know from my posts I like the digging idea...:2thumb:

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    You might have the ability to make that kind of arraignment if the right circumstances present themselves to you. My two friends (one north and one south) got so tired of the life in Calgary that they both picked up and bugged out .. early. The one to the north has a bunch of my stuff hidden in the corners of his 10 acres, stuff that I don't need for day-to-day existence - just nice to have. My friend who moved south has another collection of my goodies - again, stuff that I don't need for day-to-day existence - just nice to have.

    Finally - my spot in the woods is the gathering spot for my club - we all know where it is and if something was to happen - we could find each other there. There isn't anything stashed there, but, it is setup with easy access to fresh water and all kinds of wild meat that we can either hunt or trap easily enough.

    I would recommend to you to find a back-country club to join. Off-roading, quading, motorbiking clubs all have spots in the woods to hide out in. Hiking, mountaineering, climbing, x-country-ski, snow-shoe clubs all have places that could be bugged out to. Finally - hunting and fishing groups are also great to join up with. I lucked out with my club - we hunt, fish, off-road and quad. I am also a member of a few alpine clubs - hiking and x-country ski where I have access to hidden cabins in the woods (8hr drive away - not good for bugging out to from here) that a dirt-bike "might" be able to reach, but, not very likely.

    I am a "lifestyle" backcountry person - I have had x-country skis strapped to my feet when I was 5yrs old, I have hammock camped during long hikes, I am an off-roader, and a long-distance cyclist (highway) and used to join in mountain bike races (getting too old for that now) ...
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    That makes all the difference. I am a city guy, surrounded by rings after rings of CITY folks. The nearest ring ( wife and kids ) can't be more than a few feet from electronic gadgets and air conditioning. There is hope , though, in my youngest son who shares a bit of my 'craze' and wouldn't mind a night under the stars.

    The camping/fishing 'groups' in my neck of the woods are not organized clubs where I can register and join. They are loose clubs made by groups friends where I mostly don't fit. They are either much younger than me ( 30 years difference !! ) , or they are millionaires who own the land they camp/hunt in ...etc. I don't seem to fit in any of these groups. And that also indicate the difference in general interests accompanying camping. For example, younger groups blasting sand dunes in thier 4x4s is not among my interests. Not in this 50+ age anyway.

    So far I have been trying things solo.
    Even the wife hasn't accepted 'hoarding' food until the food prices started skyrockeing and she started to see the wisdomn of buying things by the dozen or in bulk.

    Back to the core of this thread.

    I think that the idea of storing your own stuff with a firiend in a BOL has more logic when we think about our extra stuff . Many of prepared minded folks have a dozen or more of knives. More bags or packs than they need. And there comes time they start to think of selling or trading some of it. Well, how about if you pick one of each item ( one pack , one fixed blade, one folder, one multitool, a pair of jeans , a pair of gloves, .. etc. and make an extra BOB to leave at your friend's ranch. You aren't buying that stuff for this purpose. They are items that you have no immediate need ( a polite way of saying you are fed up with them ) . So, you dump them there and forget about them. In case of emergency, you will be glad to have them there even if you have your new BOB with you.
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  5. SurvivalNut

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    Totally agree with you Sinbad, I should deposit an few necessities about the friends and area.

    PLUS, if my closet gets cleaned, my wife can't say "why do you need more STUFF"?:2thumb:

    Seriously, good idea all around.
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    I'd like to interject something here for a moment. Stashing supplies is a good idea. But you need to make sure that you are not burying these things on some random piece of land. Get permission first before digging up someone's pasture.

    Every now and then in my area, the local farmers have been finding large holes in their land where some random person had stashed guns, drugs, and whatever else without bothering to fill the thing back in once they got what they were looking for. It's just not cool.

    A couple of times, some farmers were digging in a section of their land only to find and partially destroy a stash by mistake. A backhoe does not have a gentle touch.
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    Glad you like the idea.
    Actually I have even tried it with other material (not emergency related) to help me in small emergncy situations.

    Sometimes I spend part of my vacation in my home town where my parents and the wife parents still live. In my dad's house, I have my own room so I have established a (secondary) home office with all books and work related materials. That has come in handy many times. Several times some job's deadline was approaching and and I am working very hard to meet the deadline. At the same time, a small emergency arises ( like someone has died ) and I had to come visit the family in this town 100 mile away. In such occasions, I utilize this home office to do some work while staying in town attending happy/unhappy family occasions.

    The good thing is that I didn't buy much extra stuff to equip this secondary office. Mostly used older copies of reference books after buying new editions, plus stationery items which my kids dumped for a reason or another. Even the computer of this office is 'leftover' from older ages. When I bought a slim flat screen, I took the older (bigger) 17 inches monitor to this secondary home office. Ditto for the kids older computer that couldn't keep up with their demanding games. It sits now on my desk in the secondary home office 100 miles away.

    Same idea applies to emergency stuff.

    allen _idaho

    In this thread, we are not talking about BURYING anything underground. Rather we are talking about ASKING your friend who has 10 acres to keep the duffel bag somewhere in his barn. In an emergency, you come to his place and use your stuff.

    It's a different way of caching emergency supplies.
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  8. NaeKid

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    I have that same kind of setup as well where at my father's place I have a shelf in the storage-room for a small pile of camping / outdoor supplies including x-country skis, backpacks, clothing, footwear, etc. Many of my vacations are through-out that area where I grew up, so I keep gear to use out there instead of trying to remember to bring it all along with me.