C7 class solar flare incoming

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    INCOMING: Magnetic fields above sunspot complex 1236 erupted during the early hours of June 21st, producing a C7-class solar flare and a full-halo CME. The expanding cloud is heading almost directly toward Earth:
    UPDATE: According to analysts at the GSFC Space Weather Lab, the CME left the sun traveling 800 km/s and it will reach Earth on June 23rd at 23:22 UT (plus or minus 7 hours). A very cool 3D heliospheric model shows the cloud sweeping past our planet. The impact is expected to trigger a G2-class (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm.

    High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras on June 23rd and 24. The season favors southern hemisphere observers, where solstice skies are winter-dark. Aurora alerts:

    ........... UT time:

    Time can be measured in a number of ways. For instance, we can measure the passage of time via the orbital motion of Earth and other planets in the solar system (Dynamical Time). Or we can measure time based on the rotation of Earth on its axis with respect to the stars (Universal Time). Finally, we can measure time through the oscillations of atoms (International Atomic Time).

    Universal Time or UT is the precise measure of time used as the basis for all civil time-keeping. Although their exact definitions differ, most readers can assume that Universal Time is equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. Universal Time is actually based on the mean sidereal time as measured in Greenwich, England. It's also approximately equal to mean solar time from Greenwich.

    Like most other astronomical calculations, eclipse predictions are usually presented in terms of Universal Time. In order to convert eclipse predictions from UT to local time, you need to know what time zone you are in. For North Americans, the conversion from UT to local time is as follows:

    Atlantic Standard Time (AST) = UT - 4 hours
    Eastern Standard Time (EST) = UT - 5 hours
    Central Standard Time (CST) = UT - 6 hours
    Mountain Standard Time (MST) = UT - 7 hours
    Pacific Standard Time (PST) = UT - 8 hours
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    I thought we were going into an unexpected solar minimum???

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    lhalfcent, you and I was thinking along the same line. :D
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    Well a class C7 is not to bad. Lol nope just when you think you have figured out Mother Nature she laughs at you flips you off and runs away laughing maniacally.:lolsmash:
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    Oh ... So true!!! lol
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    Actually, NASA was in Congress, I think it was the end of last year explaining to them that we were moving into a VERY, possibly UNPRECEDENTED, high solar activity time in 2012 - 2014/15 and practically begged them to prepare our electrical grid. They showed congress how easily and inexpensively they could protect our grid and showed them NASA's estimate on how long the grid could be out and how extensive it would be if the grid wereNOT protected and how - without power in any factories etc, they wouldnt be able to get the grid up and running overnight by any means. That it could take as long as 3-10 yrs. You think the guys we hired to keep us safe and sound have done anything? I havent heard a WORD about it and I think I'd have found SOMETHING about it by now!
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    Yesterday my cable TV & Internet went down in Long Island, NY, and today my companys home office phones are down in Chicago. I wonder it it's just a coincidence or if solar flares caused it?
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    Actually , I heard that they did do something. They spend 10 billion dollars to fix dc area grid. The problem with the grid is its age and the fact that the transformers used every 1/4 of a mile or so to step up the power would fail. Having said that, then they said that this country no longer makes transformers, but they of course come from China. You are one country and you pull a number and stand in line.
  9. power

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    Lots of rumors, old wives tales, and just plain guessing going on about grid failure. Most comes from people very unfamiliar with how the grid works, how a power plant works, or even about transformers.
  10. Jason

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    Nadja-not entirely true. I used to work in a transformer plant in Canonsburg PA that as far as I know is still there and there's another one in Greensburg, PA. The Canonsburg company also has a plant somewhere in North Carolina. Those are 2 that I know of in my little corner of the world. All hope is not yet lost on that end.
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    Anyone read the book One Second After?
  12. Frugal_Farmers

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    I just hope this doen't effect the metal plate the VA put in my head.

    It seems that everytime I rev up that there microwave oven, I pee my pants and forget who I am for an hour or two.
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    Will someone explain how this could affect us?

    Not meaning to sound too ignorant, but what is the potential impact of this? Would this mean the distruction of our electrical infrastructure and anything that uses electrical (EMP?)?

    I go for walks with a friend. We walk in a variety of places. We have noticed that the ground wire on most poles has been cut, and a section of it removed from about where someone could reach, to almost the ground. I have wondered if this was relative to the stealing of metal to sell (it seems if can be stolen, it will be, in vacant buildings, and sometimes occupied buildings) or if this was done on purpose by the powers that be?

    Have others noticed that the ground wire on poles is missing or damaged?
  14. NaeKid

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    Weedy, I would be on the watch for radio disruptions primarily - cell-phone, AM / FM stations, CB-Radio, etc. As far as power disruption goes, we should be alright
  15. AgentSmith

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    For updated info on this check out SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

  16. NaeKid

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    Yes, great book!
  17. Clarice

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    Not sure if it is relavent but the cell phone service has been disrupted here in the past hour and the power flashed off and on here in the courthouse three or four times.
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    I've had a little weird stuff happenniing on direct sat tv. ZDunno if its them or solar
  19. NaeKid

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    A couple of power-blips here as well, but, the winds blowing are just short of tornado-level so that might have something to do with it. The storm will make for a very fun ride on my bike from work to home .. :gaah:
  20. Jimmy24

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    Sorry ya heard wrong. Most transformers we use in this country are still built here. Shoot there are 3 factories in MS alone. Most utilities will not use anything but.

    Sounds like DC's system is pretty old for sure. Capacitor banks are use to keep voltage high btw.