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I don't know if this has been discussed on this site yet, but this is a great program offered by most state and county emergency management agencies.

Community Emergency Responce Team

I got alot out of the program. I took the course over two days. Very well done and very informative. Plus you get a good backpack w/ basic safety equipment.

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I have some rather long posts in health and medical and some of other subject areas which include materials used in our annual CERT refreshers.

The forum doesn't have a files area to store downloads, so I posted them as articles in the forum.

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You can get these items easily

I've got a friend who just opened an online safety preparedness store and she is passionate about the practice. She's a former teacher and the items in her store are priced at rock-bottom prices. Check it out at if you are interested. She has culled the products so all you see is good quality and what you need.
Very cool forum here, I'll pass it along to her so she can participate and lend her knowledge on disaster preparedness to this group.
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