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Has anybody gone through the CERT training? Thinking about giving it a go.
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The 4x4 club ( ) I belong to is in the process of creating an emergency team that has been asked to assist the regional emergency preparedness office with volunteer help and vehicles that are capable of moving in extreme conditions.

At present we have 30 members who are signed up. We are studying to take our Technician level ham radio test on the 16th of November. We have vehicle ID (decals) and photo IDs for each member issued through the regional office.

We hope to all get signed up for a CERT class before the end of the year. If we have team members and their spouses take the class, we should be able to add about 50 CERT trained people to the roster. I have looked through the class curriculum and am excited about what we can learn.

The process of getting trained and prepared at first seemed to be a monumental task. But we are gradually getting ready. Ham radio capability, Cert training, vehicle readiness and personal readiness are our main focus. This forum will be a very valuable tool for us to use. There is a huge amount of knowledge here and this site will be a wonderful tool to use.


Tom Hiser
Seward, Nebraska
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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