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Buying Weapons Online

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The various weapons threads made me think of two web sites that allow the purchase of weapons.

They are Auction Arms and Gunbroker.

Sometimes there are bargains. Sometimes there are not.
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Cabelas Gun Library

I have bought several collectible as well as less expensive hunting guns from Cabelas. I have been extremely satisfied. Used guns from all of their retail stores are compiled in a searchable database. If you are interested in Colt Woodsman's, go to the Gun Library page and type in the search parameter "Woodsman," click on "go" and it will list them all, by location, price, condition. Click on any listed item to bring up the store info, contact phone number and high resultion pictures which you can click on and scroll throuigh to view every scratch and fingerprint up close.

I have bought several WWII collectible pistols from them and found prices representative of the national market. Items are accurately represented, their store staff are knowledgeable and helpful in checking specifics on proof marks, bore condition, etc. To purchase an item you charge it on a credit card and have your FFL dealer fax a FFL copy to the listing store. They ship by FedEx next day and your local dealer calls you when it arrives. You complete the 4473 transfer and any state or local forms required at your end.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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