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Buying Weapons Online

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The various weapons threads made me think of two web sites that allow the purchase of weapons.

They are Auction Arms and Gunbroker.

Sometimes there are bargains. Sometimes there are not.
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Yes, online shopping MAY save you a few bucks. We do transfers in the shop every day. What it will do is open your world to many more guns than any shop will have in it. Sometimes you save money, some times you do not. I never cease to be amazed at the guns coming in that they have paid more for than I have them for sale in the shop. Sometimes by a few bucks. Sometimes by over half off. And that is before they pay me for a transfer! It pays to know the market on a gun of interest.

A C&R license will let you buy guns 50 years old or older, in addition to some more recent collectable guns. It is not a difficult thing to obtain in many areas, but your local PD will need to approve your application too. With it, you can buy many things for your PERSONAL use and collection. DON'T try to use this for buying and selling! Some dealers won't deal with 'crufflers' but most will, for C&R eligible guns.

The gun control act of 1968 has made it more difficult to freely trade guns. The nat'l firearms act of 1934 has restricted many items including full auto, suppressors and short barrel rifles and shotguns. But you can still trade in guns made before 1898 without any licensing, at least on a federal level. Some states and cities have further restrictions, so check. In addition you don't want to be in possesion of certain other items such as parts to convert a gun into a machine gun. The laws vary from gun to gun. For some, you can have all of the conversion parts but one, while others you can't have any parts at all. When in doubt, best check it out. I am a licensed machine gun dealer and firearms manufacturer so feel free to ask me your questions.

Some guns don't have much in the way of fed regulation, such as muzzleloaders. You may want to look into that type of gun for subsistance hunting. And they are lots of fun besides! We have an annual Boy Scout rendevous in February where we have a couple thousand scouts try their hand at shooting muzzleloaders. Many do remarkably well.

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I don't hunt much with them, but I LOVE shooting them!

I do a lot of pistols, everything from single barrel flint locks to civil war replica revolvers!
Just a bunch of fun for very little money!
Yes they are! And a good choice for a survival firearm as well. While it is not easy, you could even make gunpowder and caps (ir use a rock lock and you can eliminate that part)

I had the good fortune to work for a gunpowder company for a few years, traveling around the country and shooting with all kinds of people, from professional hunters, gun writers and other industry people on up to average guys and gals getting their first hunting rifle. I got to demo our products as well as various guns for other companies. Lots of fun!

Remember, a replica of the 'Walker Colt' throws a heavier bullet faster than a modern .44 Magnum!
So anyone tells you they aren't deadly or accurate have rocks in their heads!
That was indeed the first '44 magnum' and wasn't surpassed in power until very recently. And you should have seen it when we would shoot a 58 cal rifle, throwing a very big, heavy slug, out to 500 yards, hitting a pie plate size target and putting the slug right on through the pole holding it up.

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