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We certainly try to buy and eat as local as we can.
I grow a big garden every year and can and freeze and dehydrate as much as we can. Things that I have trouble growing I buy from the local roadside stand and we also process quite a bit of their produce as the price is outstanding(think .50¢ for a bunch of broccoli, and .40¢ a bell pepper of any color they come in!)

But I do know that in the winter here in MI one of the big box stores(by the way was started in the town I shop in so is kinda local) has tomatoes and those long English hothouse cucumbers and they are about 95% of the time from Canada! So we are helping their economy too! I did a google on the label and it was from right across the river from MI in about the middle of the peninsula there in the south of Ontario.
But this is what I think when I am eating a tomato or cucumber in the winter from Canada (which is not all the time, just when we have a special dinner or they are on very good sales) --Why can't we grow tomatoes and cucumbers like this where we are? And why doesn't every state have greenhouses to grow these nice products? I know that there are tons of greenhouse complexes here in MI- I used to work for one. Sure there is not that much down time from the flower trade but there are about 3 months that these greenhouses are dormant- I am wondering why we couldn't just minimally heat them and grow out even the cold tolerent greens and other fresh veggies like radishes and carrots etc. That don't need tropical heat to grow?
I read a book and want to try this in my garden it is called the Four Season Harvest by elliot Coleman--sure it is a bit of work to get it going but what isn't?
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