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    here's a really interesting video that actually states the source beforehand before spewing facts. At the end they predict that silver will be worth more than the price of gold. Hmm... They also mention what everyday items that silver is showing up in -- like band-aids!

    [ame=]YouTube - Silver Shortage This Decade, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold[/ame]
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    my understanding is this JP Morgan has been keeping the price of silver way down so they can keep selling what silver they do have on paper, but there is not enough real silver to cover what they have already sold to people.

    if you buy silver have it shipped to your house
    you want it in hand, not just on paper


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    and eBay can be a cheaper source to buy it rather than APMEX which has a minimum of $50 purchase with minimum $12.00 shipping and $3.20+ over spot.
    I also found a silver website that you can buy an ounce for $36 or less with free shipping to the U.S.
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    NWTM ... Yep! - Best source I've found... -did a lot of business with them in the last 2 years... never had a problem!
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    Silver Art Rounds, Silver Coin, 1 OZ Silver Rounds, Silver Bar, Silver Bars, Silver Bullion, Silver Coins, Buy Silver Bullion,

    I have been going through these people. THEY ARE GREAT! And there is always free shipping, no matter what amount you order. And they are cheap!

    The other day silver traded 500,000,000 ounces in a day on the COMEX.....the world only produces 800,000,000 ounces in a year! This is PROOF it’s a paper market; there’s no inventory. In my opinion, I think the supply and demand have been massively miscalculated. Don't buy your silver on paper
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    Silver Eagles right at this moment:

    Sraight Silver - $41.15

    NWTM - $37.36

    Provident - $37.63

    Kitco - $36.73

    Mint Products - $38.32
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    Do any of those sites offer free shipping like StraightSilver? I get mine through there and it takes 5-7 days to get to my door because they ship First Class Mail with delivery confirmation.

    I noticed the cheapest shipping from MintProducts is $4.99

    But I'd like to thank you all for posting the bullion sites. I have bookmarked them and will continuously check them out.
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    A few years ago we bought some quarters from the Coin Vault; which is on one of the tv channels. When the box arrived, there was a tiny slit in the bottom of the box and half the quarters were missing. We had bought 10, and five were missing. We don't buy anything anymore through them.

    We don't know if it was someone in the shipping dept. at the Coin Vault, or the shipping company, UPS. The stupid company had their name all over the box, so the shipping company and everyone knew there were coins inside.

    No, won't order anything that has to be shipped through the mail anymore.
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    Sorry to hear. I would tend to agree, if they were dumb enough to use your dime, er quarter to advertise, I wouldn't do business with them anymore either.
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    When you order coins through the internet or mail isn't there a paper trail that can be used to confiscate your silver or gold?
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    Yes. If you pay for it by your debit/credit card there's a trail with the company and the bank. If you use PayPal, PayPal keeps order records and PayPal is connected to your debit/credit and/or bank account as well. The least likely paper trail that's noticeable is money order/wire transfer. I've seen some mint sites that have that option but i'm too chicken sh*t to try it for fear of being ripped off.

    Try pawn and coin shops and withdraw money from the bank before you go. They always have silver anything. I'm doing that today as a b-day present for myself
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    Free Silver and Hierloom Seeds

    I'm new here and don't know the all the rules yet, but I found an auction site last year where you can post stuff you don't want for free and people bid and you get credits that you can bid on stuff you need or want with those same credits. Well, I have been dumping anything I won't need in SHTF/WROL and have been bidding on pre-'64 Silver US coins and Yes Hierloom seed. I have turned a bunch of crap into over 12 ounces of silver (2 1oz .999 silver rounds) and a bunch of mercury dimes, washington quarters, as well as Liberty and Franklin halves. Anyway, again I don't know the rules on putting URL's here so help me out. There are tools and books as well that may be usefull there. If you become a member there with my code you get free credits to start bidding right away. There is NO cost at all except if you offer free shipping, which you don't have to. It's part of my daily prep now, getting rid of stuff I don't need for Silver and Seeds !
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    You can use URLs here. See the globe with the paper clip on your forum reply toolbar? Click that and it'll do the HTML for you. Is your site eCRATER - online marketplace, get a free online store ?

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    My wife is a nurse and has said they have begun purchasing tables with a silver coating because of its antibacterial properties. Silver also has the highest conductivity of all metals which is why its becoming so used in our devices we use today. Some say 85% of all silver mined goes to industrial uses. The major problem is with the price of silver being seriously manipulated to stay low thanks to jp morgan its not cost effective to recycle silver out of used material unlike gold. People in that field say that once (not if) silver breaks $50 they will begin to try and recycle more of it back into the system.

    Since the investigation launched towards jp morgan silver has skyrocketed. I was buying loose eagles last august for $20 and now they want $40 in some cases. If the gold standard ever comes back the ratio will close back up and silver will go up over night. Unfortunately our friends at the Fed say that return of the gold standard is impossible since there is more debt in the world than the value of all the gold in reserves. If it did come back they would either have to devalue the dollar overnight or increase the value of gold. Both will help silver even more. Its not just a hedge against the inevitable hyper-inflation but its also a icreasingly used comodity. Survivability on both ends of the spectrum. I dont see it overtaking gold but it is definately undervalued right now. Buy now before the ratio closes up. Its already down to 38:1.

    Oh and as for places to buy. Ask around. You'd be amazed as to how many older people saved some pre '64. My brother and i started by asking and usually they will sell it for a fair price under spot (remember they paid .25 for their quarter not $7) and you're not paying shipping or leaving a trail. Plus you're helping keep money in your community. JMHO
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    I have found a local coin dealer in Central NJ where you can just buy the amt of coins (junk silver for example) that you want. No minimums etc. Last year I was looking to buy and the internet companies had minimum of face $500 so it was costly plus the wire transfer requirement etc. I just didn't do it and I'm really sorry I didn't know of the local company. Look locally before buying through the internet. Too much ability to track sales, and too many involved-company, bank, delivery co. Just my thoughts.
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    I found that some sellers on eBay have sold me "Out of Date" holiday rounds (ie; mothers day 1976, Christmas 19XX, etc) for a low % over spot. They are old inventory with cheap purchase price. I bought 100 in 1999 for under $5 each..!! Then I found a bunch of Baseball silver rounds at a gunshow for $20 each about 2 yrs ago. All of these have grown well in value. I also bought gold in 99 for $320 per Oz & I recently traded a 1/2 Oz for an original English Percussion black powder Dbl Barrel 12 Ga & got $600 cash back.. Oh how I wish I had bought so much more..!!
    Still, keep an eye out for Flea Market Sterling Tableware. I carry a small swinging balance postal scale to check weight & make an offer on Sterling silver mismatch pieces.
    RE; Silver prices, The MoneyLenders have sold too much paper silver at low prices & cannot let the price get too high too fast or they have to buy back all that worthless paper silver... They have been selling more paper to cover that old paper (sound familiar??) & hold prices down. Eventually the paper goes POOF..! So as said many times ONLY BUY SILVER that YOU CAN HOLD! (or any precious metal) to me the 3 precious metals are Gold, Silver, & Lead... The last 1 protects the other 2
    "DOC" Jim R. The Cheapskate Investor
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    Try this

    MONEX, they are not required to keep records of coin sales and don't.

    They will come via U S Parcil Post, insured.