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Bush whackers (murders) are real, still to this very day. They want you to work for them, around here anyway. Reported some to the R.C.M.P. here in Yellowknife northern Canada. Like 5 to 10 years ago. (2021) now. I think.

The smallish company, talking about finding dead bodies. Implying they were there workers, left to freeze and starve to dead in the woods. So easy, to get cold, and die, in the spring, surrounded by slush snow, water, in the woods. Especially when starving. Implied, working staff, to death. Said at training course, they offered, to prospectors, that if you cut your foot open. Like between your toes with a axe. You are to sew up the wound, and get back to work, basically. A wound that is going to kill you, if not properly treated. I was there, and they said that. Just sew it up, and get back to work. Not exactly the same words. But almost. Excuse me, contractors when it's convenient to call them contractors (You pay for the delivery of food even, it was implied, and all else to. I asked them, and they were not being clear still on purpose, evasive answers). (Starving you in the woods). Staff when it's convenient to call them staff (You make less than min wages. Both these things, when convenient for them, whenever). (You get none of the 50 pound rice sacks, filled with little rocks with gold in it, you collected). Some with grams in gold in the (samples) you are collecting. Much larger than a 5 gallon bucket, each filled sack. Maybe even 15 gallons each, in capacity. Six or seven sacks, if I remember correctly. (Sampling) it was called.

They showed a picture of the "rice sacks bags". Looked to be about 7 to 8 or maybe 10 gallon bags to me. Several. In front of a helicopter. Posing for a picture, the companies owners daughters. Just a few of them.

Just so you know. In northern Canada. Pine trees are like barbed wire, when you grab onto a branch. Moving it out of the way or whatever. Not razor wire, but barbed wire. So dry. Break off too. The needles. Inside your skin to.

It was a 2 day prospecting course. I didn't dare, go out with those people, on the 2nd day, into the woods. They didn't even warn people, you need lots of water, when working in the woods. With heat and dry still air. Because, they didn't even know themselves, and or care. Those self acting experts. With all else to, said and implied. Not to mention, the biting bugs. Zillions. Sometimes you need some type of scarf, or something, or you will breath the bugs in. They fill the air literally. A few days after a rain during the right time of year. Biting insects hatch out. They fill the very air then, on trails and such. Even around the city. The ground (bedrock) is uneven. Maybe 5 to 25 feet deep. Gouges in the bedrock. Think of walking through some crazy maze, with no way out, if you get lost. Exhaustion to. Which is easy to do, get lost and or trapped, even with a G.P.S. That's the way, but it is 15 to 20 feet straight up basically, in the air, that way. As far as the eye can see. However far that is. Or 5 to 10 feet up and down. All day long or all together.

When it's wet on bedrock. You might as well be walking, in a mine field. You have flat smooth worn rocks, on the bedrock. That can stay wet, and slippery, underneath those rocks, for days. Wet slimy moss underneath. It's all wet and slippery (bedrock) as it rains and afterwards. You will slide back down. Lots of gagged rocks, like sugar cubes, pointing up, at different angles, to fall, and impale yourself on, through your spin, or whatever. You are walking, and just like that, you are on your back, because you steps upon some flat smooth rock, still wet underneath. Imagine being exausted and starving. Trying to get away. 20, 50, or 100 miles or more, to travel.

Lots of yellow green swamp water. That makes, even me, throw up, after boiling, and trying to drink. You can not even walk a straight line in the woods. Might have to push through pine trees, and or cut trails. You have to cut the trees down to. The stumps, can be fallen upons and impale you. Get tired, which is easy to do, and get seriously injured, and or killed. It will be your fault. Someone else gets hurt, and that's your fault to. As that slave master, drives you ever forward.

Not even the US government (politicians), got mad publicly, when all explorations permit's, were no longer being issued, as reported, in the press locally. (stopped issuing exploration permits, to exploration companies). No America politician, dared say anything, about it. One of the most important places in NA, and the world, for mining. When people would have seen pictures, of a person out there, in the woods, looking like a Jewish concentration camp survivor. (Ribs showing). Living in the most dirty, filthy living conditions, you can not even imagine. I think that man, was the only person, who could still stand (picture). Hand to lean on his knee(s) while standing. A call for help I think. The only way he can.

I reported this to the R.C.M.P. Then later, no more exploration permits (gov officially announced), where being issued, to exploration companies. Back then anyway. I believe they starved to death. Left to die. Don't really know. Yellowknife NT Canada. Northern Canada. Northwest Territories.

Remember that old man, in one of those gold mining show's on TV. He got whipped across the head, by a chain, attached to running heavy equipment, and they showed this on TV. Never even medevaced him out. (libel). Medical people said (contractors) he was OK (they decided, wink, wink). Then the management there, they showed them, sending him away on the shore. Basically saying "don't call us, we will call you." Never seen or heard of again. Assuming he survived, the trip home, on a bouncing boat. Can't work anymore, I guess, and if he is alive, living in poverty, because of a work place injury. Forced to do incredibly dangerous thing's, to keep his job. Working on heavy machinery, still running. Crawling into so tight spaces. Like the British use to do, with kids in factories.

On a medevac flight, they might have observed him getting worst and worst, medically speaking. hurt so bad maybe, he felt no pain, at first, and or, was scared, of not getting any more work.

All of northern Canada is a dumping ground for psychopaths. It was chronic drunks at one time. That got dumped here. Like in Yellowknife. Now it includes junkies and such like terrorists. People like me to, victims for them. Police, military, government in general here. Businesses learn, they can use people up, and toss them away like garbage. So they do. Pretending not to be like that right now. All of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories is like this. No joke. A terrorist got caught, from German, here before. He use to make bombs, and kill people, with them. He was well liked around here, it was said.

1000s of government workers here. With a population of 12 to 15 thousand, at one time. Many can not justify having a job. Let alone a career in government. So all kinds of things, get done to victims, to justify there jobs and entire careers. Crazy George. Then it's official. You are crazy, because some government worker locally, said you are crazy, and or made you mad, and or crazy, with the abuses, they pile upon victims here. They all get along just fine, with each other. City hall, is always involved, up to it's eyeballs, with everything that goes on.

Highest suicide rate in the county here. Highest attempted suicide rate to. No one cares about a crazy person. Family gets the same to after a while. Believe doctors and psychologists protecting there careers making like or close to 1/2 million dollars a year or more. At one time anyway. Nuts get dumped here, and victims.

Don't worry the R.C.M.P. or whatever law enforcement, and government, where-ever you are, will side with the bush whackers, when you work for them. Or when they get into a dispute with you. Or do something, to your claim, to get you in trouble (illegal activities) with your claim. Claiming you did this, or that, to cause you serious trouble. As far as I am concerned anyway. Bad, illegal advice. Claim to be helping you and you agree, let say, and then something illegal was done or your claim. Whatever.

Or maybe, they get you, whipped across the head, with a steel chain, with machinery.

You might want to look into (Terra-X) and see if that former exploration company here, still trying now, to open a mine here, is a good (investment). That did, and maybe still does, offer prospector training courses, here locally, in Yellowknife.
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