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    How much is bus fare these days anyways? I haven't taken a bus in ages but I've been thinking about taking it to work a few days a week when I don't have to drop the kiddos off at daycare first.
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    Uh, where the hell are you?


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    What's a "bus"? ;)

    Seriously, though, I live just outside a city of 300,000 people, and there is no mass transit system there. I grew up with it, though, so I've always been used to driving wherever I wanted to go.
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    Greyhound lets you search.
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    I live in Dayton Ohio and RTA (say Rita) and a month pass is $55. One trip, one way is $1.75. Our bus also kinda blows and unless you are going down town or directly away from downtown, you can't really get anywhere. :( When I was working a regular job I wanted to ride the bus and a 10 min trip by car would have taken me an hour and a half! I had to go down town, take a connection, and go waaaay north, then to where I was going. It was a bit silly.

    When I lived in Columbus, the bus was included in my school fees and I rode it everywhere!
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    No scheduled bus service to the 'burbs here. But it's only 8 miles in to work - I could ride my Mountain Bike, if traffic was a LOT less. Otherwise the highway would be suicidal. Those 'Dial-a-Ride' buses would probably be very expensive on a daily basis.
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    Hop on the bus gus...

    Most city bus systems have websites with maps, schedules, and fares. You'll really want to study the system before just hopping on a bus. (So, you know how to get back from your destination). About 5 years ago, my northern VA suburb to D.C. (Pentagon-area) commute was almost $10 round-trip during rush-hours depending on the mix of bus and subway train that I took. Be aware that city buses often have variable schedules skewed towards rush hours and week-day service. Make sure you have small bills and change. I'd figure on anything from $1 to $3 as a typical busfare.

    Greyhound will take you all over the place for cheap. But, it is a miserable experience endured mostly by enlisted military, college kids, and the poor. Someone will always sneak a smoke in the back of the bus, so get a window seat so you can put your nose down by the A/C rail. I used to take Greyhounds between Florida and Virginia as a kid. It was definitely an adventure. Today, you could probably go one-way across a region (say Florida to North Carolina) for about $70 on Greyhound.
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    MY bus fare ONE WAY (without an option for an 1-hr transfer) is $1.55 and has risen $.065 since 2003. A one month bus pass is $55. A one month bus pass to go to the next town as well is $88. If you want to go to two towns via the bus it is $110.00 a month
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    here in morgantown, it's $0.75 per ride on the bus if you're not a student. bus fare and prt(personal rapid transit($0.50)) are included in tuition
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    When I worked in Seattle my employer gave me a Metro pass.
    Sounder train and all the buses were free.
    Beat paying $150 a month parking.
    In downtown Seattle it is free to ride the bus for everyone.
    Trying to boost shopping.
    I moved to the dry side of the state and now my commute is 3.5 miles.
    I haven't even seen a bus in months.
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    :2thumb: Nice to see a fellow Washingtonian
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    There are a few of us on here.
    Always glad to see more.
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    I would not even begin to know how much a bus ride cost. We don't have any anywhere close to here.
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    On my hometown bus line you can go anywhere for a buck. Handicapped citizens get door side pick up for the same price. It is heavily gubbermentally subsidised.:scratch