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Building a 'Patio' or a concrete pad for a BBQ grill, or a 'Fish Pond' or 'Water Feature' are all good options.
Small, stand alone concrete slabs can easily be move with nothing more than a pry bar and make a very good cap for your 'Stash'.

Side walk sections can easily be made about any size and if you form them up individually, they are easy to make 'Stand Alone' sections...

Any construction like that explains the digging and construction noise and equipment too, and small projects don't take permits from the city to do.

If you think you may have to get in and out of your 'Stash', which is ALWAYS A BAD IDEA, any entry will risk exposure...
You can use 'Pavers' in 12"x12" or 18"x18" to make your 'Grill Pad' in the back yard...
If the neighbors ask why the digging, you simply say you need to put down a sand bed to 'Float' the pavers on, and to do that, you need to remove the top soil...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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