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55 Gallon Food Grade Barrel

Made of durable recycled food-grade plastic resin
High-quality brass spigot
Screen keeps water free of debris and insects on rain collection systems
Capacity: 55 gallons
Can be linked to other barrels for greater capacity
24" Diameter. x 35" Tall

If you're looking for an easy way to collect useful rain water and reduce utility bills, then look no further than this eco-friendly rain barrel. Our 55-Gallon Rain Barrel is made of durable recycled food-grade plastic resin. It features a high-quality brass spigot for accessing water and a screen on top that keeps the water free of debris and insects. Although rain water collected in this food-grade rain barrel is safe for vegetable gardens, it's not safe to drink. When positioned below your drain spout, this durable rain barrel can gather up to 55 gallons of rain water, but it can also be linked to other barrels for increased gathering and storage capacity. Our Barrels are also perfect for large quantity food storage.

An Eco-friendly Practice: Using a rain barrel is one way you can become more environmentally conscious. Saving rain water reduces the amount of usable water you need, which decreases demand for treated water and saves you money. Because the rain barrel catches water that would normally flow to the ground, it also helps the environment by reducing runoff waste water. Storing rain water can also supply you with an alternative water source during dry weather spells. And to top it all off, rain water is healthier for plants than chemically treated tap water. What are you waiting for? Order a rain barrel today, and go green.

We are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for those interested in convenient pick up option. Or we can ship all over North America. Basic Barrels sell for $25.00 each, Barrels pre-converted for rain capture are $60.00. Please contact for shipping estimates.

Please direct inquiries to:
[email protected]
Or PM me through the boards.​
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