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Pinetree Tactical, a Maine based training company specializing in Firearms training and related outdoor, martial and survival studies, is happy to present...

"Bug out Survival" is a course designed around the concept of "Bugging Out" along with the"72" hour bag and its use. Most any prepper/survivalist owns or has at least heard about the "Bug out Bag". Unfortunately, simply owning a "B O B" does not make you proficient in its use. Many people are buying pre-prepared bags, or stocking a back pack from a suggested list, and then squirreling it away for WTSHTF.
However the time to learn about the items you've so diligently prepared is not when the crap is flying about.:eek:

Pinetree Tactical has put together a three day course that looks at the whole issue of "bugging out". We teach you how to use the gear efficiently and properly, in the backdrop of the rugged Maine wilderness.
There are no pre requisites, this course is designed with the novice in mind, you need not be an outdoorsperson or an experienced shooter to attend.

We combine specific lessons about your gear with basic outdoor survival skills, such as personal shelter building, multiple ways to build fire, water procurement and treatment and more. You may spend an "Overnight" in a primitive shelter, and sample a variety of "Survival Rations" to give you a "Taste:rolleyes:" of what they are like.

But this is not simply an Outdoor Survival class. The History of disasters show us that Survivors often get victimized by individuals or groups willing to prey upon others.
We address" Evasion" skills and tactics, and lethal & non lethal, use of force.

To this end, you will be familiarized with a number of weapons platforms
ie Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns :2thumb: .
An additional block of instruction will be spent specifically on Defensive Handgun Training. Our veteran Firearms instructors have years of experience training all shooters, Novices to professionals, Civilian to Military & Law Enforcement.

Let us help you to build your skills and confidence, to handle the situation when the SHTF.

$575 / 3 Days All ammo included

$500 / 3 Days You supply the Ammo

Most gear for use is included as well as use of a variety of firearms.
A complete list of Ammo, and other items required to bring will be provided when you sign up.:congrat:

For more info, Home Page
or cal (207) 827-3718
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