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Bug Out Clothing

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I noticed that when walking in jeans, and most of my long pants they rub my inner thighs when walking any distance. I'm worried that any distance more than a couple miles would cause some serious chaffing.

So my question is, what are some options for clothing, particularly pants and underwear for a bug out on foot?
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Don't laugh, but some of the most comfortable and durable pants I have ever experienced are Fusion pants used for many sports. They come in many colors and patterns including camo patterns. They hold up well. Have vents, padding in certain spots, and built in knee pads. They also have shirts or jerseys that match. They wick moisture from your body. Insulated and baggy like bdu's sort-of. They are the most comfy and you could even lounge in them easily. Did I mention comfort? Oh, and they are very very durable.
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