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This has more to do with my type of work and my bug in bag.

I am a uniformed employee of a government agency. As such I drive a marked vehicle and were a uniform. My job is maintenance and my area covers several counties, most with high population counts.

I take a small separate bag with which I keep normal close in. If a situation where to occur I like the idea of being able to blend in as I make my way home.

Nothing fancy in the bag, I will list the contents, and they are all old work clothes from a former job.
Old carpenters jeans.
Two white t shirts.
One pair of socks, spares for the ones I am wearing.
An extra set of underwear.
An old long sleeve shirt.

If need be I can change and I would look like any other construction worker / farm worker.

Just food for thought. When bad things happen you do not want to stick out.
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