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Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by Jason, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Last Wednesday we had a brushfire here on the farm. The wind blew a rotten tree onto the power lines and when the broken line hit the ground the arc caught the grass on fire. It's been so damp here nobody could believe it but you could see plain as day the tree with the wire down and the V shaped blackened grass fanning out from it.

    DW called my supervisor at work who tracked me down and told me to call home. DW updated me, I got a hold of my dad (we work together) and we left rather abruptly, driving home as quickly as possible. It was all out but a couple round bales when I got home. All told, 6 fire companies with a total of maybe 20 men and women, 3 tankers (no hydrats for about a mile), 2 engines, and I'm not sure how many smaller trucks and Mule type vehicles were there. I ended up moving and raking out burning round bales with our tractor.

    Nobody was hurt, no buildings were anywhere nearby (except for a cell phone tower) and we lost nothing of real value. About 4 acres of pasture was basically cleared off and we lost a dozen round bales.

    Point is the damndest things can happen. We got lucky-it was windy and if the fire was blown a different direction it would have been worse. To relate this to prepping, there will always be some unknown, some freak occurence, that you have to be wary of. Not necessarily a fire, but just when you think you're good to go, life throws you a grounder to remind you that you still need to pay attention.

    Again-no injuries, honestly no property damage, just one heck of a story.
  2. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    Those 4 acres should produce quite well this year.

    Yeah, just ask sailaway. :ignore:

    Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you didn't lose any buildings.

  3. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    You're so right, things can and will happen. (I'm not good on fire preps yet - appreciate the reminder)

    Glad no one was hurt and nothing of significance was lost.
  4. tsrwivey

    tsrwivey Supporting Member

    That's a good reminder for me to check our trees for dead or damaged branches & get those trimmed out before they cause a problem.

    Glad everything turned out alright for your family.
  5. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    A definite reminder to us that anything can happen. We're glad you're all right and didn't lose any buidlings.
  6. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    I'm goung to try and get a couple pics tomorrow of the area that burned. Really doesn't look like much. I'd have done it today but it was so damp and rainy I didn't want to take the camera out of the house.
  7. PamsPride

    PamsPride edirPsmaP

    I am glad everyone is ok! Some things you can not physically prepare for but you can mentally choose to not let it knock you down!
  8. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Well-Known Member

    Goodness gracious!! Glad things weren't worse ... grass fires are scary things around here! More so than tornados even ...
  9. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Didn't get the pics yet...snow is covering the ground again!!
  10. Clarice

    Clarice Well-Known Member

    Glad every thing is okay with you and your family. Fires can be unpredictible and I guess that is what scares me.
  11. tyler_kd0bsa

    tyler_kd0bsa Well-Known Member

    Brush fires can be scary. I remember one time out at my uncles farm we were unloading some round alfalfa bales that he had bought and one broke open and fell to the ground. It than began to smolder and caught fire. Luckily we were able to get the other tractor with the bucket and quickly scrape a fire line around the area to get it contained to just 2 bales. Never bought alfalfa from that guy again. found out he bailed all of his stuff when it was a bit moist which caused it to smolder in the centers.
  12. tsrwivey

    tsrwivey Supporting Member

    They are scary. We had one here a few years ago. The fire started on the neighbor's property & I was amazed by how fast it spread. It got very close to 2 250 gallon propane tanks, which were very close to the houses. By the grace of God every neighbor was home & came to help put the fire out. The fire covered 3 properties but nothing of value was touched on any of them. It took 15 people, 2 fire trucks, 3 front end loaders & 3 garden hoses to fight that fire.