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Naekid and I went for a drive yesterday. It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a drive. We decided to visit Briden Solutions, a not only Canadian company but also in the west less than an hour away from us.

Although Briden doesn't have a storefront, they young family that runs this company invited us into their home to demo their product and discuss preparedness and what their company has to offer.

The quality of the "freeze-dried" food that they sell impressed us as we tried out some fruit, vegies and even a taste of the beef. We got to try the survival bars and I couldn't have been more impressed. I was expecting something of the quality of the protein bars you get from the store or granola type. Instead we tried a bar that tasted like shortbread with a hint of coconut. Considering that Naekid and I both love shortbread, this is a bonus for us. A survival bar that actually tastes good.:woohoo:

Next we went through an introduction of the items they include in their 72 hour survival packs. There was definitely everything you need to survive for that period of time. The products were all high quality. After being disappointed with the kits we picked up from our neighborhood Canadian Tire store (no food or water included) we were highly impressed.:2thumb:

We left with some of their product including those yummy bars. We will be receiving more product from Briden in the next day or 2.

For quality product and everything you could possibly need to survive and be prepared for when the SHTF scenario. I highly recommend buying Canadian from Briden Solutions.

Link to their website is .

I would like to sincerely thank the owners of Briden for showing us their product, allowing us to try some of it and welcoming a visit from us. They truly are fantastic people.:beercheer:

Buy Canadian!!! :canflag:
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