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CATEGORY Medical Reference

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Emergency Medical and Self Help Guide for Expeditioners and Cabin Bound Adventurers.

The 5th edition of this book was published in 1999. I have added all 5 versions to my survival library. While Prescription medicines come and go, the collection of books provides a wide variety of over the counter meds to treat most common and likely medical scenarios, whether on top of a mountain or backwoods nowhere.

Dr Forgey was a trauma doc in Vietnam and carried on his experience into wilderness medicine. Firsthand experience with a tilt to simplicity and austerity.


I started carrying this book in 1980 and quickly upgraded to each new edition. Still my preferred is the first edition. I carried this book in my ruck in the military for 20 years and it accompanies me in every level of BOB or kit.

EXCELLENT comprehensive lists for med kits without going overboard or adding useless items.

Excellent instructions for the use of Prescription and Non-Prescription drugs.

Provides an off the shelf alternative to offset any prescription medication. Does not end every sentence with "and go to the emergency room" like some peer manuals.


While out of print, these copies are still commonly available reasonably on eBay.

In Korea, Europe and wandering the USA, I have easily been able to diagnose and self treat or medicate numerous minor issues using this book and even used it to be the final word in heated discussions in the wild (pop the blister or not, allergy treatment, bite treatment).


It is not an ER book like DITCH MEDICINE. It is a first rate first aid manual. A backbone of any medical kit. I even have a copy on my coffee table to read when bored, so call me a real nerd.

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Sounds like a great book to have.

I think I will start with the field guide and go from there. Thanks for the review. :2thumb:
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