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    Title - SAS Urban Survival Handbook How to Protect Yourself Against Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Fires, Home Invasions, and Everyday Health and Safety Hazards.

    Author - John "Lofty" Wiseman

    Date Published - 2008

    ISBN - 9781602392168

    Review: Ok so I'm only through the first paragraph, but one thing my mother taught me is the first paragraph is the hook. If the author can't keep your attention through these pages it isn't worth your time. And brother let me tell you he kept my attention. Wiseman's 70 years old but the way he lays out his material it's very easy to follow and doesn't provoke undue fear (Rawles) but isn't as nutty as some of the other Prepper reading material Barnes & Noble sells (anything with Zombie in the title).

    The difference in this book is Wiseman understand's not everyone can move 10 miles outside of town. As a journalist I have to be where the action is, and a half hour drive into town just doesn't cut it when the story breaks. What this book does (at least so far as I've read) is provide a level headed assessment of risks in the urban environment, and ways to minimize or avoid them all together.

    Some things I've found interesting is his quote that,
    I'm wondering if devoting a room of the house to an indoor garden would be feasible and practical.

    Also there's a bit on house structures, the soil and terrain surrounding them, and the effect nature has on them. Anchorage was built almost entirely on marshland, as evidence by all the potholes that form every spring. Yet I don't see any houses on stilts. By comparison the permafrost-ed communities up north are built on stilts for this reason. Anyone here build on stilts? I guess you lower-48'ers don't experience it like we do but any advice is appreciated. :D

    More comments as I delve deeper, but so far I'd recommend adding it to your library if you haven't gone full-native just yet ;D
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    my fiance (who rolls her eyes at my prepping) just picked up the book, thumbed through a couple pages, sat down, and actually began reading. She then says, "huh, this actually makes doesn't seem as paranoid as the others, and it actually seems relevant."

    1 down, rest of family to go.