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Book: How To Shit In The Woods
Author: Kathleen Meyer
Website: Book Synopsis: How to Shit in the Woods

Review: How to shit in the Woods is Meyer's ground-breaking book, which has become the international bestselling outdoor guide, with more than 1.5 million copies in print, in seven languages. First published in 1989, with a second edition in 1994, this book continues to be widely embraced by the outdoor community and commonly referred to as the "backpacker's bible." It might also be the river runner's, the rock climber's, the sea kayaker's, and the cross-country skier's. Its title, its Table of Contents, and the press blurbs say it all!

This book has alot of great information from the history of dropping drawers in the woods, the reasons why girls always head out in groups, proper wiping and disposal ...

I have the book in my collection, it is very informative and I have taken many of the ideas in the book and use them myself in my own back-country excursions.
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