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    Wildmist has been searching the 'net for paperback books and found this little gem - Build the PERFECT Survival Kit

    ISBN-13: 978-0-87349-967-5
    ISBN-10: 0-87349-967-0

    John D. McCann writes a book just under 200 pages showing lots of pictures of different styles of survival-kits (aka BugOutBags) from a simple altoids can to something that you need a big vehicle just to haul it all.

    John D. McCann describes himself as being military trained, yet writes the book from the perspective of an east-coaster who has all four seasons to contend with, large animals, lots of streams and trees around him. He does touch on desert, plains (prairie-land) and swamp, but, does not seem to write from real-world experience of those types of terrain. I am not saying that it is a bad thing, but, it just seems like there could be just a little more said about creating a kit that would help a person locate water in the desert, or shade on the prairie-lands.

    This book is not about survival and how to do it - it is about having the gear on you, around you, near you or accessable to make the chance of survival to be much greater.

    One thing that I like is that he states that all the products shown are purchased (some items at a fairly high price) and tested by him. Some products are gifts - but - none of the products are there as "product placements" to try to entice others to purchase. He does have a listing of many of the products, where to buy / how to buy and web-addresses so that you can find out more.

    If you are new to building your BOK / BOB / GOOD or 72hr kit, this would be a great book to read so that you can gain a further understanding on how multi-use items (like duct-tape or electrical tape) would be able to help you survive.

    If you have done survival training and tested your kits and are happy with what you have, you may still want to take a peak at the book. I have had BugOutBags (BOBs) for years and I still found out about some products that I hadn't heard of (or thought-of) before.
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    Bought one on your recommendation. Thanks!

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    Do yourselves a favor, get on youtube and look for "nuthinfancy" (sp) He has about 3 hrs. Of video rating his, and everything in it. Great Insite. You will be especially interested if you live in a large city. His youtube site is posted on an earlier thread and was quite helpful to me.
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    Bob - yes, that is the correct book that you found on GoogleBooks.