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  1. discostud

    discostud Guest

    What kind of boat does everyone have? I have a flat bottom
  2. carnut1100

    carnut1100 Well-Known Member

    11 foot aluminium dinghy with oars. Horrible.
    14 foot aluminium dinghy with 25hp outboard. Nice.

  3. styx

    styx Member

    What for I live in Nevada :D
  4. Jerseyzuks

    Jerseyzuks Well-Known Member

    I have a 14ft modified V hull with an electric and a 8.8hp gas motor.
  5. skip

    skip Old hillbilly

    I have a 14' river john we use for floating and fishing. If I go below the local dam to catfish, I have a 4-1/2 hp Merc to go on it.
  6. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    I have a 14' fiberglass v-bottom of unknown manufacture (came from Sears I think) that is older than I am with a 7.5 hp twin cylinder mercury that sips fuel... very nice :D

    what I really want to get is a large enclosed pontoon boat

    i ALMOST bought a 3 BR houseboat off ebay for < $1000, but it had no engines & had to be removed immediately... i just didn't have the time to last-minute all the permits & tugboat rental & the yard owner wouldn't return my emails about renting space for another month until i could get my ducks in a row :(
  7. 73CJMan

    73CJMan Guest

    I repair boats for a living. I live on a house boat in the summer on the lake, in the winter I put it in a 'Pole Barn' and live in it hooked up to a sewer system. I always figured it would be a good way to move without much power, just put it in the river a let it drift. I have a zodiac w/15HP and a PWC water bike too.
  8. odin

    odin Guest

    Are you allowed to anchor a houseboat out in the middle of a lake or will people get ticked off?
  9. 73CJMan

    73CJMan Guest

    Private lakes it's OK, but public waterways you can't leave the boat at anchor unattended.
  10. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    of course if you could buy a 1 foot easement off a friend (a good friend) with coastal property, you could say that was the mooring point. :D

    I suppose the easement would have to be large enough to reach a public road as well...
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  11. SJZ

    SJZ Proud American

    Have you looked behind Hoover Dam? :eek:
  12. webdog

    webdog New Member

    Ill jump in.

    We have a 41' Islander Freeport Center cockpit Ketch.

    It is setup for deep water sailing and "could" go pretty much anywhere in the world, though it is slow...

    Has about 100 gal fuel, 200 gal fresh water, vw pathfinder engine and a genset for power.
  13. wildman800

    wildman800 Well-Known Member

    I don't own a boat larger than a 12 ft canoe, however, I have 30 years experiene w/ powered vessels, hold a capt's license (Master of Towing Vessels), licensed for Inland waters, Great Lakes, and Western Rivers, presently work/live onboard for 30 days w/15 days off at home for good behavior, have sailed across the N. Atlantic, Med (including the Agean, Adriatic, and Black Seas, among others), the Gulf of Mexico, and Carribean (extensively).

    It is illegal to anchor within the confines of a navigable channel.

    Sailboats do NOT have the Right-of-Way in most meeting, passing, and overtaking situations when their engines are on the line (OTL).

    Under the Heirarchy Rules, They only have some status when strictly under sail, in regards to their course and the direction of the wind!

    Radios should never be operated in the high power mode unless high power is required to establish and maintain communications, such as during EMERGENCY communications!

    Never let PRIDE or ARROGANCE let you violate the UNIVERSAL LAW of GROSS TONNAGE! The simple explanation of this law is: If you come into contact with a larger vessel while underway, the smaller boat will lose everytime, with the results being serious injury and often, DEATH! It's hard to enjoy life when you're laying on the bottom of a watery environment.

    Learn, Love, and LIVE, the RULES of the ROAD! (1972 COLREGS)

    I'll go to my corner now and behave.....
  14. UncleJoe

    UncleJoe Well-Known Member

    16' aluminium canoe that has countless miles of whitewater behind it.
  15. sailaway

    sailaway Well-Known Member

    I have a 1985 Oday 31, we sail the keel off of it in the spring, summer and fall. It has a 2cyl. Universal Diesel on it and caries 40 gals. of water and 20 gals. of fuel. It burns 1 gal./hr. @ 7 kn. The boat has 110 at the dock and 12v. while travelling. We travel and spend alot of weekends on it in the summer. I drag a 10' Zodiac tender and a jet ski behind it. Our 4th boat is a 15' Checkmate speed boat w/ a 115 Merc on the back. The salon can be heated with the diesel or a candle lantern. We can also cook with an alcohal stove. The batteries are charged with a solar pannel or a wind generator. It is a nicely self contained piece of equiptment.:)
  16. bigjohn

    bigjohn Member

    I have a 14' aluminium jon boat with a 10hp johnson and an older deck mounted trolling motor. The boat was given to me after the owner hit a stump head on at speed. I cut and refabed a new frontend. the motor I did some tradeing for. the trolling motor and trailer the boat owner let me have very cheap. I made a platform on the front and mounted the trolling motor and a pedistal seat. the boat also has a nice live well.
  17. Turtle

    Turtle Well-Known Member

    I am a former Coastie . . . I've had all the boats I ever want to deal with already . . . I'll stay on land, thanks. lol
  18. bunkerbob

    bunkerbob Supporting Member

    With as much rain as we have had this week maybe I should look into one. All I have now is an inflatable canoe, and a couple of fishing float tubes.
  19. GatorDude

    GatorDude Well-Known Member

    Got rid of the boat. I had a 19' open sailing dinghy that was pretty nice. But, it was expensive to store and maintain and I really hadn't used it in many years. Now, I've got an inflatable air mattress . . . . :nuts:
  20. allen_idaho

    allen_idaho Well-Known Member

    I've got a 4-man inflatible raft with a 12v trolling motor.

    And a 12-foot fiberglass canoe.

    I used to have a 20' boat that belonged to my dad. But it had been kept up at my Grandfather's place. Over the years, somebody completely destroyed it. So I scrapped it.

    I also used to build Weldcraft and Duckworth aluminum jet boats. And I've repaired large fishing vessels for years.