Blood-type diets - do they work?

Discussion in 'Nutrition' started by NaeKid, Jan 29, 2014.

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    I have heard about this long ago and never really thought much about it. Now I am reading about it in the news and it has me thinking again. Does anyone here have any personal experiences with Blood-Type diets and did they feel that they did work or didn't work as the researchers indicate in their studies ...
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    Hey Neakid:
    I just got the book on them last week. I will probably finish it this week.
    What i have scanned over for my blood type makes sense. Some of the foods it says not to eat for me do make me feel bad, like dairy. It makes my joints hurt like hell so, I try to stay away from it.
    Also for the type O's it is a lot like Adkins but with some differences. I do really well on the Adkins program as far as loosing weight. My daughter and I will be trying this, probably starting next week.
    The hardback book was like $20 from Barnes & Noble. I ordered 2. One for me and one for my daughter. I got free shipping. I'd say if it has your interest already,go ahead and get a copy of the book. If nothing else you learned one side of the argument.

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    I took an iridology class a few years back and the one girl was all about it. So I thought why not. I hardly ever if ever eat steak. I am not a big red meat eater. Well for 2 weeks, I ate steaks, burgers, all kinds of stuff, went to have my salvia tested and my dr couldn't believe how bad I fell back from my last visit. Told her I was eating for my blood type and she told me I was nuts, lol.
    It's just like anything else, it will work wonders for some and others it won't do much.
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    I have not read the book cover to cover, but stood in a store and skimmed the sections about foods to eat and avoid.

    I am a B- blood type. It says for B types to avoid poultry, and some other things that I do not really remember. For me, the interesting thing is that I have really struggled with eating poultry for years. I can eat turkey on Thanksgiving day, but after that, yuck! Of all the things it said for me to avoid, I noticed that they were foods that I didn't like as a child, but forced myself to eat to avoid the wrath of my grandmother. As an adult, I have come to acknowledge that I don't like everything and therefore, I do not have to eat everything. I remember being very interested in how many things I didn't like to eat as a child that were on my list of foods to avoid.
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    The blood type diet works IF your blood type and body type match, if not then the results won't be as dramatic.

    I calculated 56 different body/ blood type combinations about 10 years ago. I don't know where the material that I used to come to that number is now , but it should be fairly easy to find on the net now, if you can get accurate answers.

    I do know that most north americans diets are very low on enzymes.