Blizzard!: Mini SHTF

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  1. OldCootHillbilly

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    Well yesterday started out with rain, bout 4 hours a that, then in a instant it turned ta snow. Then it was lots a snow, then the wind started comin up.

    Got everthing done in the mornin, truck gassed up, fuel cans topped off, snowblower test run again, wood in the shop fer the stove.

    Well, our youngest an his clan decided ta spend the day an night hear cause a the weather. Good idear. Well she had ta work an it's only bout 4 miles from our home, boy took her. She got done at 10:00PM, by then the wind be blown 45MPH an heavy snow, full on blizzard. We live in a holler an when ya can't see down here, the roads er gonna suck!

    Well, he goes an gets his fiance from work, she comes in the house but no boy. He decided his friends needed help gettin their car out! OH, genius of a idear! 1 1/2 hours later the phone rings an he's stuck bout 1 1/2 from home. Get in my truck an make it less then a 1/4 mile when I'm stuck an there's 4 an 5 foot drifts accross all the roads, get my self out an back home.

    Start gatherin up cold weather gear, pac boots, bib overalls, parka, balacava, mil issue mitts, pac, bibs fer the boy, another parka an balacava an mitts fer him. Get all dressed an pick up 2 pair a snow shoes on the way by the shop. Nothin like a 1 1/2 mile hike in a blizzard dragon all this stuff! I gotta get a snowmobile again, hate the thougt of it, but gettin to old fer old school rescue. Couldn't hardly see where I was goin, lots a stuck cars an people wantin help. Not much I could do cept make sure the police dept new where they be. Most a them folks dressed in city clothes, no way they was gonna walk out.

    Got ta the boy, he got dressed an then we started back. What a mess, now it's time ta get the snowblower out an clean up round here so we can go get his vehicle. Hopin he learned somethin outa all this, haven't talked with him about it yet, dear ol dad ain't to happy bout last nights excursion. But ya just can't leave em sittin in a snowed in vehicle either. Also wouldn't have been a good idear fer him ta start back on his own, no where near the right gear with him.

    So we learned last night we could bug out in a blizzard if we had ta, just hope we never have ta!
  2. SurviveNthrive

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    Man, that's precisely what I was wondering about, considering the reports in the news. Glad you got them home safe. The best thing to do is hunker down and unless you're essential staff, as I was for many years, it's better to simply stay home and out of that crap.

    Here's part of it, I guess before the drifts.

  3. SurviveNthrive

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    Oh, and this... - Giants-Vikings Game Unlikely After Metrodome's Roof Partially Collapses


    In some of the clips you see that even in the midwest there are folks who don't take the snow off their cars before driving.

    Didn't some folks say that an inflatible dome was a very bad idea in such a place?

    It's interesting that some folks are actually stepping up and doing steps involving their preps in different parts of the country. I use events like this to think about our own situation. While we do get snow, we don't get anything like that, but we could and we don't have the level of clothing necessary to face such things.
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  4. Tirediron

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    Mother nature has many ways of showing us how insignifigant human's little plans are.
    And the poor pro sports parisites don't get to play WHAAAN. That whole crap show is a really big part of why the "western world" is bound for the toilet.

    I bet that roof was designed by a degreed, engineer and archetect etc
    Somebody needs to learn SAFTEY FACTOR
  5. OldCootHillbilly

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    5 hours a blowin the drives an roads, 6 shear pins later an I'm cold, tired an hungry. Oh man is the homemade chillie gonna taste good!

    Yeah, this was a test we was ready fer, but so many others failed miserablly. I don't understand, if ya live in snow country ya danged well best be prepared fer it. Momma's got bibs an a heavy coat she carries in the trunk a her car along with some other items that would be needed. She gotta drive bout 20 miles one way each day ta work on a road what be known ta suck in the winter. When I call her an tell her ta start fer home she don't argue, cause she ain't gonna like it if I gotta go get her!

    Well, till the next snow, we survived this en. Hope everbody else in snow country made out OK.
  6. Salekdarling

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    The storm in Chicago is heading our way. Got to stack more wood tonight and make a path to the wood pile before it gets super bad. :gaah:
  7. SurviveNthrive

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    It's heading East, good luck to the folks already affected and those about to be hit.
  8. NaeKid

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    OldCoot - that is probably the worst kind of winter-storm - I have tons of experience with them and I gotta say, I deal with them because I gotta, not because I wanna ...

    We had a storm kinda like that here in Calgary last year around my B-day. My dad and step-mom were visiting and we were enjoyin' blue-sky in the morning then it started raining around 11:30am and by 2:30pm it was a full-on snow-storm. By 5:00 it was a full-out blizzard.

    The roads were sheet-ice below the deep snows and unless someone was running studded winter tires (or chained-up) they were not goin' anywhere. Even the snow-plows were getting stuck and they needed to bring out the heavy-weights to move them (Caterpillar 140G). I personally didn't have any real issues getting around, but, my Jeep is setup for that kinda stuff.
  9. The_Blob

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    I've been using the Kubota to haul people out of ditches & plow driveways ALL day... I am much "tireder" (yes, I know that's not a word :rolleyes: ), but also richer... more of the same tomorrow, I'm sure
  10. HozayBuck

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    Yea it was real bad!

    got down to the upper 20's for a few nights, :p I ran out of propane and hadda walk 25 yards and unhook the tank from the grill and use it till I could get more Monday...:D

    But the real bad part was in the 2 weeks since I last filled my tanks the price had gone up 20 bucks !!! now that was bad!!

    Yep.. I really don't miss them Montana Winters and the $200 heat bills...