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"Bleedex" is a powder, made from potatoes that is extremely good at stopping heavy duty bleeding. Even some arterial bleeding, apparently. Does anybody know where I can get some for a good price? I would like to keep some in my kit.
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Never underestimate the power of direct pressure. I work with several different types of pro clotting powders and gels in an operating room. For most people with normal clotting function, these are not necessary. The tools used in a cardiac catherization lab to seal femoral arteries are very specific to those puncture wounds,and it does take advanced training to deploy them. Arterial injury has your blood pressure behind the bleeding, keeping a wound clot from forming and staying. Adding powder to a bleeding artery will most likely delay successful treatment. Hold direct pressure, and keep the pressure on for as long as it takes- this may be an hour or more. The only other alternative would be to find and hemostat the bleeding artery. By the way, cigarette smoking can mess up your clotting factors. My 2 cents.
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