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"Bleedex" is a powder, made from potatoes that is extremely good at stopping heavy duty bleeding. Even some arterial bleeding, apparently. Does anybody know where I can get some for a good price? I would like to keep some in my kit.
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medaforinc carries it under a name on there site but it is to medical personnel only and professional use.

I saw a few quotes on price of 495 bux for 5 4x4 inch pads.

Certainly not economical to me.

Why not consider other natural alternatives that are much more cost friendly. Cayenne (healthfood store strength), flour , cornstarch and yarrow are ones i can think of immediately . Not that i would recommend dumping flour into a deep gaping gushing wound however i would really have to think about throwing a 125 dollar patch into anyones wound too ;)

oh and that icky scratchy insulation stuff works well too.. :D
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