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I know the red cross is only concerned about people's safety, but I'm a survivor of multiple "blackouts" one of which lasted nearly two full weeks.

Our local electric coop isn't the most stable if you know what I mean.

What I've learned.
1. old fashioned oil lamps are great. I've got one that hangs on the wall with a reflective background to reflect more light into the space.
2. Candles when used properly can be a great source of light. The reason the red cross says not to use them is because they don't want to be responsible if some one forgets to blow them out and catches their own house on fire. But when used responsibly they do help.
3. You can get crank and or pump flashlights that don't require any batteries at all. Home depot has some nice crank ones. And there are also crank radios.
4. Alternative source of heat for the winter is really nice. ( reason I totally love my wood stove.) Because when the electric is out even my propane heater won't work cause the fan won't start. And the light from the wood stove also helps light up the room.
5. We keep a few gallons of water in the deep freeze to help keep the food in there cold, but if we absolutely need to we can pull it out and thaw it for drinking water also.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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