Bio-Lite Woodburning Camp Stove

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    I'm sure there are better options out there but this I think good for some people and not so much for others. Just like the thread Oggun tractor thread. I think it was a cool idea but not everyone agread on it was cool for the price. So would I get this stove, probably not. But I won't criticize those who do. Really what's the point.
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    I think I have the wrong idea about this site. The name is Prepared Society. I just had something different in mind when I am preparing. It seems some on here are preparing for a weekend camping out in the back yard. That isn't exactly what I have in mind when I talk about preppers.
    How many think their cell phone is going to work if there is an EMP, nuclear explosion, or some other disaster?
    If you plan on camping out in the back yard and have plenty of time to gather twigs and feed the little fire so you can check out facebook a little longer then this is the thing you should have. If you are seriously prepping for anything else you should forget the toys and look for things that actually work and are worth the effort to carry them around.

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    Because there is no reason for being ready for normal everyday disasters.... ya know, like floods, power outages, snow storms, earthquakes, Tornados, hurricans. Even something as mundane as a job loss.... cell phones do work during those disasters.
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    I have a different idea what a disaster really is. I have been through everything you listed except an earthquake. I never really thought of them as a disaster. But then some people think not having a cell phone is a disaster. Guess it is just a difference of opinion of what a disaster is. I was thinking a place called Prepared Society would deal more with actual disasters and prepping for them. Not having a cell phone signal never really crossed my mind as a disaster.
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    Just my opinion but that was well said.

    I for one don't always agree with everything said here and take it with a grain of salt. If one can come up with topics it will be debated and opinions will be expresive, heck I'm sure I have said some things that some here scratched their heads at lol.
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    If you had a Kindle with a couple hundred books on homesteading, farming, foraging, first aid, etc, it would be nice to have a way to keep it charged up so you could access all those very valuable books during one of your real disasters.
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    Power: we have every type of prepper possible. We currently have a prepper testing out his secret mountain/valley retreat (accessible by helicopter only) and it has every comfort and electronic gadget that will make this members life nice and comfy after the SHTF. He has spent more money on his preps than you and I may make in a life time. He might buy one of those "toys" and be very happy with it. I am also willing to bet his preps will provide him with a better life after one of "Your Real Disasters" than any or all of your preps put together. So does that make your preps wrong, NO, does it make his preps the only route NO. It means each must prep the best way they can and to the best of their ability and perceptions. There will always be someone better prepared and there is always somebody that is not prepared. You need to worry about you, because you are in that middle ground, just like the rest of us.
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    [pri-pair-id-nis, -paird-nis]


    1. The state of being prepared; readiness.

    2. Possession of adequate arms, industrial resources, etc., especially as a deterrent to enemy attack.
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    the very reason I have a 24" x 120" lathe cause you never know when you may have to spin up an anti zombie cannon
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    Cell phones arent the only thing you can charge. How about batteries for night vision, thermal, or just a plain flashlight? How about charging a gps? A palm pilot with a lot if downloaded reference material? I can think of a lot of ways it could come in handy. I dont need one but I could see it being useful for some.
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    My Mama always said if ya can't say something nice, don't say anything. We all have different ideas about what would work for ourselves and our family. Each is entitled to voice those needs (and wants) here, whether for life sustenance or for comfort, each person's input gives us all more to think about for ourselves, and if we don't think it's for us, we shut up
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    I must be the only one here that has one. It works well. Whatever battery in there holds a charge for well over a year. The best part of it is the fan and the design to move the air, it really uses every bit of burnable material.

    Pros: it pretty much burns anything, even damp material catches. It's like honey badger...It doesn't give a sh$t about wind or rain.

    The battery holds a charge forever to start up for the next fire.

    It's sturdy, well built, and oddly compact. Mine fits in the water boiler. The grill is pretty cool too, but not useful unless your car camping.

    This thing makes zero smoke. With the fan going, it just doesn't smell like a fire and there is no noticeable smoke

    It's heavy. There are many more portable stoves out there. The trade off is the fuel. It's as easy to use and reliable as a butane camping stove.

    Charging - it's putting out less than 1A. My smart phone wants 2.4A if it's going to charge in under two hours. With this, I get about 14% charge when cooking for 20-30 minutes. It continues to charge as long as it's hot. So keep your device plugged in while your letting the stove cool. Just turn off the fan, otherwise your using your juice and cooling the heat converter.

    Adding wood.... you have to get the right sized twigs and branches. You can't have branches sticking out the top and have a pot on it. There is about 1 in clearance. This means every 5-8 minutes your lifting the pot off to add fuel. It's a bit more demanding that the average fuel based stove.
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