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"Supplies like water, food, and medical supplies are essential during a disaster. However, these may not be enough. Research into past tragedies demonstrates that our mental resources may play a significant role in survival in emergency situations.

When we talk about a disaster plan, we often talk about stocking up on food, ammunition, and medical supplies. These things are considered to be the “backbone” of disaster preparation. In fact, there is a saying: “Beans, Bullets, and Band-Aids,” which refers to this notion.

While it is true that things like food, medical supplies, and water are critical when it comes to preparing for disaster, there is an essential component that is being left out of most disaster prep plans: mental health preparedness. Mental health is rarely mentioned in articles that talk about disaster preparation." Disaster Mental Health: Beyond Beans Bullets and Band-Aids Disaster Mental Health: Beyond Beans Bullets and Band-Aids
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