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Short version (links below)... if you have an iPhone or iPad with the 4.x operating system there is at best a flaw and at worst an intentional tracking system that regularly records your location via GPS coordinates or cellular triangulation and sticks it all in an unsecure file. This file gets backed up to your computer when you backup your phone. It's a file that anyone can then access and see your travel history for the past year or so. With difficulty it could also be extracted from your phone directly.

The offical excuse is that it is used in anonymous form only for improving wifi and cell towers however it's also being gathered without your consent. Obviously government could use this to trace where you have been and you could potentially be in trouble for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course marketing uses are pretty much countless too.

How Apple tracks your location without consent, and why it matters

iPhone and iPad with iOS 4 records your moves (w/video)

Senator questions Apple over tracking -
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