Best way to can pork?

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  1. Freyadog

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    We have 4 pork roasts cut up in cubes ready to can however I don't know exactly how to can this.

    Do I cook first like I do deer/beef before I can it?
    Do I add liquid to the jars or do I just stick the meat in and can without liquid?
    We will be using the pork for tacos, bbq etc.
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    Hope this helps ... (and best of luck)

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    I have canned different types of pork and it all comes out and promptly shreds. I seared mine just to get the brown look on top (I have a weird thing about chicken and pork that is still all white on the outside). LOL On the plus side - the shredding feature of the meat makes it great for tacos & BBQ. :D I DID add a tsp of salt to the jar before canning, but no liquid as it makes it's own juice. *I was hoping to keep the consistency more like a real pork chop, but that didn't happen. :rolleyes:

    Tasted great, so I put it in the "keeper" column.